Imagination Island

Well, I found out last night that my imagination is still in pretty good shape. Which is good cuz the rest of me is catchin’ up quick!

Hubby went to open mic last night and I was going to go with him but…nah. I was going to write but…nah. As I sat in front of the TV thinking; Man, I should really do something. I heard:

You haven’t exercised yet today.

(Groan) Yeah, yeah, I know, I know but….

But what?

Oh fine, I’ll do a few minutes on the elliptical and then maybe, like last night, we’ll go upstairs and play with the Wii for an hour.

Not only did we play with the Wii for an hour but once I shut it off I didn’t want to stop so we lifted hand weights in bed, we did legs lifts in bed, then we got up and did more leg lifts, some stretches, and more work with hand weights. It got me happy but not as happy as when I put a pair of size 10s this morning and realized I had more than just a little room…I got tons of room! WOOT! In fact, yesterday morning it was pointed out to me that

I love the sashay.


(Grins and sucks his teeth) Nice wiggle. I like it.

I realized that, yes, my wiggle was back! I wasn’t even trying and my hips were ringing bells all over the place when I walked around.🙂

So, back to last night. I decided to leave my boots on and use the machine.

Really? You’re not going to take off those heels?

Nah, I got this.

I gotta see this.

So I did about 4 minutes on the machine in my boots, got bored, got off, was going to go upstairs and heard:

For me, huh? For me, take off the shoes and give me just five more minutes.


So I did.

I was going along and being bored and almost goin’ out of my mind when I remembered hubby telling me he wanted to get some of those silly videos you watch while you use a treadmill or elliptical so you can feel like you’re climbing a mountain and running down a path or something.

You’re always in such a rush. We can take a walk in the park, right? We can do that, can’t we?

Hummmm….ummmmm….yes? Sure. Why not? We can take a walk in the park.

Close your eyes, let go of the handles and grab the stationary grips.


So I did. I’ve noticed that when I use the handles I can’t help but go fast. I’ve looked down TWICE to see I was chugging along at over 40 miles an hour! I can’t slow down! It’s annoying. I wear myself out. Bummer.

I grabbed the grips and closed my eyes.

See? That’s nice isn’t it? We’re just taking a nice stroll through the park.

Yeah. Nice. OK.

Kept going for a while.

I like walking in the woods better.

Oh, ok, look there’s a path up there it goes off into the trees, let’s take it.

So we did.

A little while later I heard:

Oh, look, flowers. What color are they?

I didn’t hesitate. They’re purple. They’re Canterbury Bells.

Oh, are they? It must be later in the season than I thought. how’s the grass doing?

It’s tall. Nice and green. Looks like it rained last night.

That must be why it smells so good out here.

We kept walking and walking. We talked about the trees we saw; maple, beech, elm, oak and white birch–I informed him that white birch is the CT state tree. He asked about the flowers; evening prim rose and purple clover, some thick moss. We looked up at the sky–lightly cloudy but bright blue— and the birds–robins, cardinals, hawks, and sparrows– and the niceness of the weather.

I SAW IT. ALL of it in my head. I could swear to you we really were walking through the woods, arm in arm, just strolling along on a beautiful day. Chit chatting away about nothing much. Just takin’ it easy, man.

Suddenly something strange happened and I said: Oh, look over there, there’s a clearing.

Is there?

Yes, see it. It’s nice, the grass is tall, looks soft, wanna go over there?

Why? Let’s stay on the path.

Wanna do it?

Excuse me?

C’mon, it’s just us, there’s no one around and look there aren’t even any rocks over there just soft tall grass surrounded by tall trees.

Are YOU coming ON to ME? You never do that.

Wanna? C’mon, I love doin’ it outdoors, you know that.

I do. No promises, let’s take a look. I don’t believe this, you’re always such a good girl, when did you get so bold?

Hey man! I wrote that just as much as he did and I know the answer: Tonight.

So we walked over to the clearing and checked it out. It was very private, secluded, sequestered and ripe.


Do I wanna….what?

Do me, fuck me, have sex with me, ride the pony, wanna?

Then next thing I knew we weren’t just having sex in my little addled head….oh hell no….the front end of the machine was jumping! It was thumping as I yanked it upward and off the floor with each hard awesome delightful thrust! The floor was shaking! No joke. I could feel my ass not just wiggling but dipping, rising, and wiggling, just the way it should if…well…if only. It got so ‘real’ that, well, ya know. Yep, right there on the machine. AHHHHHH… nice. So relaxing. So good. I was even talking dirty to him. I never talk dirty–believe it or not!–I just don’t. I was reminded of that fact and told that I should be forward more often.😉

By the time I was….ummmm….done….12 minutes passed, I wasn’t winded in a bad way and my legs didn’t ache. In fact, I think I was actually glowing.

If this keeps up I’m gonna wear out that machine!!!

I should have known exercise was one of the biggest ways to his heart and parts south.

DAMN, that was fun! THAT and smaller jeans too??? Hell! Why didn’t I do this years ago????

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