The Writer’s Life-I Kill Myself

Yeah, ya know, every once in a great while I really DO just kill myself.🙂

I’ve been working on the rewrite of Chapter One for WEEKS! Several times I’ve said; “It’s done!” I’ve even announced it BUT…I was wrong. But now it’s DONE and I know that because I’m patting myself on the back with a huge shit-eatin-grin knowing…baby, it don’t get no better than this.


Freakin’ finally…LOL.

I hardly ever say this publicly but if this chapter doesn’t make you cry and have Raven instantly redeemed in your eyes I have to worry if your heart is good for more than pumping your blood around your body.😛

I posted a tiny bit for Teaser Tuesday on FB and Twitter, in case you missed it


Although I thought that was pretty freakin’ good…even that got a minor tweak or two.

Since I ain’t workin’ tomorrow, Ares and Alena can have sweet hot sultry sex tomorrow since I ripped out that entire chapter and got rid of it. We had some hot stuff but it was a little too….ummm….well…it was little ‘too’ let’s leave it at that. Now we start over. Then we say ‘good-bye’ and the rest of the book I have little problem with. I just need to ensure two tweaks follow throughout, get Raven and Nora in bed much quicker, and we are good to GO GO GO!

‘Bout damn time.

I know.

I mean, we were only supposed to RELEASE it on Saturday. But that’s part of the glory of the self-publishing thing. I don’t have anyone but my Kind and Gentle Readers breathing down my neck. I can move release dates around at will just so long as it’s not, ya know, the day before the release and that the release doesn’t get pushed back too freakin’ far. Between you, me, and The Wall, we are covertly shooting for June 21st as the new Release Date for “Kingdoms of War”. Shhhh…tell everybody…LOL

It’s a bad habit I have developed this going back and editing EVERYTHING EVERY TIME. It’s awful. It really interrupts the Creative Flow but, maybe this time it will be useful. Although, I have to admit there are times I miss my Royal typewriter. I do. It was nearly impossible to edit as you went with that thing unless you wanted your fingers to fall off AND to go broke buying ribbon, paper, carbon paper and…wait for it…onion skins! hahaha Don’t know what an onion skin is? Google it, babe.

I think this exercise thing has something to do with my elevated mood. I really am doing my best to either use the Wii, use the hand weights and ‘free exercise’ or use the elliptical machine every day/night. I’m up to 15 minutes no stopping and not getting winded on the elliptical.

Not too shabby, Shaggy!

If I close my eyes and just let my mind wander I don’t even notice the time going by.

My favorite jeans don’t cut me off any longer.🙂🙂🙂

Thighs are still touching but not as much!!!!! WOOOOOT!

I’m even into taking a bath over a shower again. I honestly felt like my blubbery body was just overflowing the sides of the tub when I took a bath, one of my favorite activities on Earth and the BEST way I have of talking with The Big Guy…so I’ve gone without for months and just grabbing a quick shower here and there.

Not anymore!

In other words; I’m feeling sexy again. When I feel sexy I feel desirable. When I feel desirable my connection with The Big Guy is heightened, I fantasize, I act on those fantasies,😉 and I am driven to write again.

Yes, between the exercise, the ginseng, the pepcid and the acidophilus–which is really doing its job!–I am getting back in the swing, baby. This Old Lady has got pep in her step, wiggle in her walk, and a gleam in her eye once more.

Who knows? Maybe by June 21st I’ll even WANT to buy a new bathing suit. I haven’t been to the beach or swimming in YEARS and that was my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer when I was…oh I dunno….2-35 or so. Hey, I live in New England, I’m a good swimmer and diver. Or I used to be anyway until Uncle Cellulite started showing up on my thighs.

I’ll be off for a while. On Saturday hubby and I will celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary!







Look at those crazy kids! What were they thinking????

This should give me good excuse to put my newly rediscovered ‘wiggle’ to good use.😉

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  1. I’m so proud of you! You go Girl! And by the way happy early Anniversary! What a great accomplishment being married for 28 years. Sending you big hugs!

  2. Happy Anniversary Lisa & Roy! 28 years… I remember those days! I’m sure you will be celebrating many more! And congrats on the writing!!! This constant reader is so happy that things are going well for you!🙂

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