Cheap At Half the Price

Hubby and I took today off from our respective jobs to have a three-day weekend with which to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary–which is tomorrow. While we’ve been married 28, come July, we’ve been together for 30. OY!

Last night we went to Family Pizza in Niantic and split one of their famous 2 foot dogs. They are so delicious. Truly, if you ever get to my neck of the woods and you’re a hot dog lover you simply must go. My half was covered with relish, onions, and brown mustard. Hubby smothered his half in chilli and onions, we split onion rings and fries and went home very happy.πŸ™‚

He played his new xBox One (why didn’t they didn’t name it xBox II I’ll never know!) I sacked out a bit and later when he came upstairs we started discussing what we were going to do with our day off. Hubby suggested we take a trip to Pepe’s, I was inclined to agree but it’s so far away. We settled on a trip to the mall, he said he wanted to get a belt and asked if there was anything I wanted. It just slipped out of my mouth in sort of wistful tone; “Towels?”

I used to have lovely towels. Nice big thick fluffy towels. My kids moved out and my towels went with them. They say ‘no’ quite emphatically but I find it a heck of a coincidence that my towels just vanished around the same time they flew the coop. Hmmmmm…… We’re stuck with a few sort of ‘motel’ towels that I don’t know where they came from considering we’ve stayed in 2 motels in 30 years! They’re thin. They’re crappy. They’re itchy. I have some remnants of nice towels and I even have 2 fairly decent towels….2. One big beach towel and the other a regular bath towel. I checked out prices for towels over Christmas and figured, when I scraped the money together, I’d go to the Family Dollar or Dollar General and pick up a few for $5.00/each even though they weren’t the best quality or size. $5.00…hey, who can argue?

Got up this morning, I did 7 minutes on the elliptical before eating anything. I haven’t used it upon rising yet and it was not as much fun. I couldn’t see myself doing it for another 8 so I got my cup of coffee. We headed out to the Crystal Mall and to Bed, Bath and Beyond and/or The Christmas Tree Shop. That was my idea, they’re one on top of the other out there so we wouldn’t have to walk that fucker…ha ha ha, yes we walked the entire length and back when we were there. They should rent carts. Really. They should. Little Go-Carts. Vroom-vroom. We walked into BB&B first and if we’d just LOOKED to the left we’d have seen the towels but…no. We went right and wandered ALL the way around the store looking for the towels. That’s ok, I needed new kitchen towels anyway so I picked up a pack for 6 for $7.00. I also spied some aprons. I don’t give a crap about aprons and I’ve never worn one but one just called to me. It’s fake black lace over fake pink silk with a frilly hem and I heard.

Get that for me.

Well, what. Nah…

Get that for me.

I giggled right there in aisle and looked for one like it in a package but they didn’t have one so I just took it with me. I showed it to hubby and he said:

“An apron? Why?”

I said: “It doesn’t have to be just for the kitchen.”πŸ˜‰

We wandered around some more and finally found the towels after almost coming full circle and finding some of the most fascinating gadgets. If one had a lot of money or spent a lot of time in the kitchen I can see one spending a good deal in that store. Upon finding the towels I was disappointed the first ones to hit my eye were $15.00! The next were $20.00! For A TOWEL! Damn. Then I found the rest of them and settled upon the mid-priced ones at $7.00/per. I picked 2 pink, 2 green, and 2 blue and hubby said: “Aren’t you going to get the little ones too? Isn’t that what girls do?”

Well, yes, it is but I’ve never been very girly. I grabbed 1 hand towel in each color and 1 wash cloth in each color. I’ll put those away for ‘company use’ whenever we have some. No, we don’t use wash clothes we like puffies, not loofahs puffies. All of them are in the washer as I type this just waiting to go into the dryer and then upstairs. Hubby thinks it’s funny that I’m washing them first but since they’re going to be used for the purpose of drying me off after I get clean I want to be sure they are clean too.

We wandered out to the car, put the towels in, wandered back to the mall then wandered all the fuck around it. By the time we left the small of my back was frozen from walking so slowly window shopping….and finding nothing. Nothing. Hubby could not find a belt, the one leather store had the cheapest leather goods I’ve seen in a while. They were crap. The belts were ugly and they were not well made. Both of us are looking for a double-ring belt, if you should know where I can get 2 please let me know. If you don’t know what that is…


He wandered into Game Stop looking for some adapter-thing and I wandered into Eastern Arts because this wonderful statue of Ares driving his chariot caught my eye. It was big, probably about 2 feet long, and made of that poured/formed/looks-like-porcelain-but-it’s-not plastic. I have several angels and fairies made from the stuff and I like them very much. Like my angels and fairies this piece was nicely done, well detailed, painted to look like an aged silver and I liked it. But for $900.00!!! Are you out of your mind? The fucking thing is PLASTIC. I wandered around some more and found another icon of Ares and one of Aphrodite both of which I liked enough to move a statue of Jesus Christ out of the way to get to. Aphrodite was very pretty, very lovely, and cast in the plastic to look like marble. Ares was very nice, he was cast in the plastic and then painted to look like gold….or maybe bronze…nah, gold. I picked him up and his spear fell out of his hand! I thought; Well, that would never happen. Then I saw the price $150.00! It was, like, a foot high, and maybe five inches wide if you if you measured one hand to the next as they were slightly up and spread apart. Aphrodite was $150.00 as well.

I left without them which was heartbreaking because I’ve been looking for Aphrodite and Ares icons for decades. If they’d been $50.00 each and matched I would have gotten them. Even if they didn’t match I probably would have bought them. Bummer. But it seems every single thing we looked at, after the towels, was cheaply made and over priced. They have a new store there Special Occasions. What a joke. They sell fancy dresses for special occasions…duh… but they’re little more than Halloween costumes or over sized Barbie dresses. The prices were nuts. It was easy to see these things wouldn’t last, hell they’d probably rip ON the night you wanted to wear them. They’d get one loose thread and begin unraveling on the dance floor or something.

We laughed at Abercrombie and Fitch as we walked by. A lot of the stores were empty but none seemed emptier than The Beautiful People ONLY Store. It was quite funny. We walked past Forever21 and, looking at the picture of a model, we wondered if she still had braces above that slightly parted smile and if she was 12 or 13? 21 my ass! We went in to H&M to look for a belt and couldn’t find anything for a normal sized person at all. The sizes seemed to stop at “Can You Vote Yet?” We wondered why that was, they were far from the only store like that, I’d say MOST of the stores in the mall are designed for those 25 and under…why? They don’t have any money, they’re spending…MY money…their parents money. You know, people who have hips and thighs and don’t want their mid-drift showing.

Lastly, I wandered in to Ice Imports hoping they would have Ares and/or Aphrodite icons but they didn’t. They had a lot of other stuff but not them. In fact, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen them anywhere, like I said I’ve been looking a long time. As we wandered out the door and started heading back to the car I heard:

You know you won’t be happy with anything other than a Kevin Smith doll anyway.

I giggled to myself. True. True. He’s not you but, true enough anyway.

I’d love it just for the kitch factor alone! It would go great with my Star Trek cup/dolls/phaser, KISS dolls, Twinkie the Kid, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and all of the rest. It would…LOL.

Then it was time for lunch. We went to When Pigs Fly and had lovely meal. This is another place you must go to if you’re in my neck of the woods. It’s a very good little diner, breakfast and lunch only. Bring cash. There we actually got our money’s worth. For $25.00 we had 3 cups of coffee each, he had 3 big pancakes w/ sausage and I had a BLT w/ chips.

We got home and after I threw the laundry on, for the hell of it, I went to Amazon to see if I could find a Kevin Smith doll.


Bummer. It’s so poorly done I have a hard time justifying the $21.00 for the kitch factor.😦

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