Little Charlie

I love my cats…every cat I’ve ever had I’ve loved with all my heart even if they were a little pissy. Cats can be like that sometimes. Not that long ago I had Little Maggie…but not for long. Some thoughtless dick ran her down in the street and didn’t even stop. She was just a baby not even a year old yet. She was a stray. She was scared of people but really starting to open up to hubby and me.

Now my little Charlie is gone.

He didn’t come home Monday night and he’s still missing. That’s not like him. At all. He didn’t stray too far from the house and always came when hubby or I called him. He’s a really sweet and cool little cat, like Maggie, he was just developing his own personality. He was very solid…dense…and soft. He jumped up on the bed every morning for our Wake Up Call then he’d lick our faces and purr like a motorboat. He was a little brat too always stealing Harry’s food. We were just really starting to look forward to 15 or 20 years of having Charlie around.


I’ve driven around and called and called and called his name but there’s no sign of him. I’ve posted on Facebook, on my page and in a New London Group or two but there’s no sign of him. People have been very supportive and worried…I chose my friends wisely. They tell me not to worry, remind me that it’s Catting Season, and they share stories of their own Cat That Came Back to bolster me. I have my own story or two like that and I try to hold out hope but Red was right; Hope IS a Dangerous Thing.

I try to content myself with the fact that I didn’t come across any Kitty Corpses…that would just break my heart to pieces to see him like that. I guess I should be grateful for small divine favors.

We have lots of wildlife around here and not all of it is friendly; raccoons, foxes, coyotes and wolves. I don’t give a shit what nobody tells you…the wolf has returned to Connecticut. I have seen them with my own eyes. Those were not coyotes. They were not dogs. It’s possible Charlie inadvertently picked a fight with the wrong animal. He could have gotten hit by a train–the tracks are right behind the house. If any of those things happened, while it would still be heartbreaking, I could live with it. I could understand it as being part of Life.

He had a collar but a few days ago he came home without it. It was a break-away collar and I was going to get him a new one this week. I’m terrified somebody picked him up and made off with him. While I have many nice friends on FB and in my life we all know that nice people are few and far between. People do bad things to little black kitties. It’s true. That’s why I take them in so they don’t get hurt by stupid mean people. That thought is driving me crazy! It keeps nagging at me and won’t let go. He’s just so damn sweet and trusting. It would kill me if someone was mean to him.

I keep praying and trying to communicate but, for once, Someone is strangely silent. He’s just staring at me with a look in his eyes that tells me he’s keeping his mouth shut for fear of getting his throat cut. Needless to say I didn’t even turn on this computer yesterday. I just looked for Charlie and cried. He was supposed to go for his appointment on Friday and this worry would have been over. He wouldn’t have strayed far from home after that. The same with Little Maggie, she was supposed to go for hers just a few days after that bastard ran her down.

The coincidence is nagging at me.

Now I have to stop crying so I can go to work and sit behind the desk and try to be nice. The whole time I’ll just be thinking I should be looking for Charlie and wanting him to come home.

If you’re here in New London with me and you see a young all black (absolutely ALL black) cat with short fur, a round belly, copper eyes, and just about the softest thing you’ve ever touched called out “Charlie” and see if he answers. If you’re not near me, could you light a candle or something and just ask whatever deity you believe in to watch over Charlie?

I’d appreciate it.

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