The Blessing of the Bikes-2014

For the first time in…well…many, many…years, the bike was ready for The Blessing of the Bikes. These last several years we’ve gone down in the car and we did last year too. But not this year! We were in the pack this time around. It turned out to be a beautiful day too. Usually it’s quite chilly and overcast for the Blessing of the Bikes and it started out that way today but ended with bright blue skies and showering sunshine. We picked up information on several upcoming runs including PAPPY’S RUN!!! Yes! They’re bringing it back to New London in May! I was thrilled. We’ll be going to that and several more this yearšŸ™‚

We even went out to East Coast Taco for lunch afterward with our friend, Rob.

Here’s what I saw today, you’ll notice the jacket shots that I love so much and sneak to take so I don’t piss anyone off have a different slant to them this year as they did last year. I like it better but, then again, I didn’t see too many outlaw biker jackets either. That will change as the season progresses I’m sure but I’ll probably be sticking with the following type of jacket for the most part. Yeah, that dick from the Hell’s Angels really blew it for me that year he called me demanding I take down a photograph. So, for me, that crowd has lost its long held appeal. I hope you’ll like these shots feel free to take any that you’d like to have. Just click them to make them larger and save them to your own hard drive.

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