Kingdoms of War

Tomorrow’s the big day. If you’re on the mailing list you knew that already cuz you got the email early this morning. I dumped the old Yahoo! List but kept the newer one. So I threw out my line. What do you think?


Of course today was Teaser Tuesday and I didn’t get a teaser out last week because Charlie went missing. Yes, he’s still missing. Yes, I am still upset. However, I keep hearing of possible sightings so hope remains. It’s thin but it’s there.


So, we’re starting to generate a little bit of excitement…maybe. Hey! We got a 21% open rate on the mass email. True, some only opened so they could unsubscribe but that’s ok. I hate keeping that list. It seems I’m always importing the whole sheeebang from my Google Contacts and then deleting and deleting and deleting those emails I know have nothing to do with this and don’t care to. Still, I never get them all. Sucks. If you’d like to get ON the mailing list kindly Click Here. I only send out an email when there’s something to say. I won’t bug the crap out of you I promise. It’s nothing like coming into Ye Olde Blog or my personal FB page or anything like that.🙂

This is the first time I’ve ever done a “Cover Reveal” thingy…it is kinda cool and kinda annoying. It’s cool in that it does build up a little suspense and some people are expressing their interest to me. It’s annoying because I really want to just throw the new cover up here and say ‘ta-da’…right here…just us. That’s the way it’s always been done. But, this is the last Hurrah for the OF WAR Series so thought we’d try a few new things in with the old ones. So we’ll have this little mini-tour for the cover and hopefully a bigger blitz when this thing hits the streets in July.

Yes, we have managed to get back to a bit of writing. We’re rewriting the chapter above in the teaser. We’re moving things along a little faster, we’ve doing that since we went back to the beginning just getting rid of gobs and gobs of stuff, tightening it up, and putting it back in a different manner. We’re still trying to decide if Ares’ Daughter, Coral, will make the final cut or not. I like her and I can see keeping her around for future stories–in the end that’s we’re really doing here ending one story so we can set up the beginning of another–still, I dunno. Maybe she’ll be ditched. We’re not there yet but soon.

Off to put dinner together and wait for hubby to come home. It’s been a dark rainy day. I’m ready for some warm food and cuddles. Maybe we’ll write/edit/rearrange some more tonight. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for the big reveal and lots of goodies. I’ll post the links to FB and Twitter as they become available. Hopefully, at the end of the day I’ll compile a list to post here and on my site. So check back. You’ll want to visit each site as each one has a different short excerpt. Queen Tutt will have that very insightful interview with Ares.

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