Still Heartbroken

They say “Life Goes On” and I know it’s true but every day I wake up hoping it will be the day that Charlie comes home. I’m always looking out the window and to the bottom of the sliding door for him.


I’m starting to cry just typing this. That’s how much I miss my little baby kitty. Honestly, if a genie popped out of a bottle and granted me just one wish it would be have to Charlie back safe and sound. I’d forgo a publishing contract, money, fame, a vacation….anything. Putting his toys away made me blubber like a bullied fat kid. I’ve got tears streaming down my cheeks right now because I miss him so much. He was my baby.

I guess the worst part is not knowing what happened to him. I wonder if he found a new ‘home’….yeah, I wonder if someone STOLE him. I haven’t let that little girl off the hook yet. If someone possibly half-way decent took him it’s her. She looks at me with the Cat-that-ate-the-canary look whenever I see her and she never did that before. I don’t put it past her father to have lied right to my face to ‘protect’ his daughter when I asked him if he’d seen my cat. Parents these days, they’d rather let their kid keep a cat (or anything for that matter) then make them do the right thing. Is it any wonder society is totally screwed up? I’m almost willing to bet the rent money he’s in that house, trapped, not allowed out for fear he’ll come to his real home.

That’s the Good Scenario.

In my searching for Charlie I have come across an inordinate number of missing cats! Yes, I have. There’s a whole bunch of them missing from my end of town. There are some folks who will blame it on coyotes but I’m not one of them especially not when I throw in how many of those missing cats just happen to be black. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have our very own budding serial killer lurking around “South New London”. No. It would not. It would shock the hell out of me if the cops gave a shit. That would be surprising.

I know. I know. Missing pets are small potatoes compared to ‘real crime’. Except when those missing pets are missing because someone is up to nasty stuff. Don’t kid yourself for half a second, if someone will be cruel to an animal they will not hesitate to do it to a person.

Then, in less than a week, my friends on Facebook started posting that their pets were either missing or just up and died. There must have been at least 8 of them with a missing or suddenly deceased pet. Weird. Heartbreaking. Confounding.

All I know is I want Charlie to come home. If that little girl has him then I want her father to find his balls. If someone of ill intent has him and I find out you better believe he’ll be hung up by his small balls and skinned alive…slowly with a potato peeler, a rusty one. He better pray if he’s ever found that he has enough sense to just say ‘guilty’ upon his arrest because bail will not turn out well for him. At all.

With all of that said…we are getting a new cat on Saturday. I’m not sure I’m ready and I’m not even sure why I volunteered to take the cat. I mean 1-he’s a she, 2-she’s not black, and 3-I WANT CHARLIE! But I guess it was 4 that made me say ‘ok’. Her name is Luna.


Luna has had a rough run. Her first owners moved and just left her behind in an empty apartment. Jerks! WTF? So a friend of our took her in not realizing she was pregnant. She had a bunch of really cute kittens and was settling into her new home well when our friend discovered she had to move and that her other cat isn’t doing so well and that she has to have surgery in the near future. Yeah, our friend hasn’t had a good go of it lately either. Poor woman. So I said, on a whim without thinking, that I’d take the cat. Hubby agreed and all should be fine but I’m not at all sure about this. I imagine it will be fine once she’s settled, I’m told she’s strictly an indoor cat so I don’t have to worry about any cowardly kids stealing her or any fucktards doing anything nasty to her. I’m told she’s actually afraid of outdoors.

She can’t replace Charlie. He was one of a kind. I love him. Always.

Mama Loves You, Charlie.


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  1. I totally GROK, I still miss my Izzy boy an Bella, they went running 2 days before yule a few years back, and disappeared, We found him dead on side of road and never saw Bella again, rumor has it neighbor found her brought her to local pound and instead of calling us since we reported her missing sold her to someone day after her getting there. I still cry. Love you Sis and Brother

    • Love you too! If that girl has my cat she won’t live to graduate elementary school but that’s ok cuz her daddy will still be there to protect her😉 I almost wish I’d find his body because then I’d know he’s gone but this not knowing is killing me. Every day I must look out the door or the window at least 20 times. I still call for him.😦

  2. strawberryrosered

    I’m so sorry about your cat Charlie. I feel for you and send you love to help you through.

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