Cats, Mother’s Day, Escaping Death…Busy Weekend

Well it was Mother’s Day…in case you were under a rock or something this weekend I just thought I’d let you know that you missed it.πŸ™‚

As is customary in our house on Mother’s Day it’s also Planting Day. In fact it’s the first Planting Day of our very short growing season. I got the plants a few weeks ago but just got around to putting some of them in pots on Sunday, which was an absolutely glorious day, btw.



I finally got around to repotting my orchids. As you can see neither of them bloomed this year but those leaves are HUGE. I thought for sure I’d get both of them into that pot without a problem but now I think I may have to dig them up, turn them sideways and try again. The reason I did it is, you see those little tuber things in the second photo? I’m hoping they’ll become new plants if they have somewhere to put down a root. We’ll see.


I got some of the baby plants into their pots. Those are two strawberry plants.



Of course we have some flowers this year I decided to do them one plant to a hanging pot. Both are pansies. Don’t pay any attention to the dead sticks in the other potsπŸ™‚


There’s 3 strawberries waiting to be potted. I’m not sure if I’m putting them in the boat or if I’m digging everything but 3 plants out of the boat this year and starting over. My Pinks aren’t coming back and I don’t care about the crop of soap wort very much but I’d like to save the few strawberries, tulip, and the cowslip which has really taken off in the boat. Oh! When we were cutting the grass Saturday we came across a lone red tulip in the yard. I have no idea where it came from. I don’t recall planting any red tulips.


There’s Calla! Isn’t she beautiful? I didn’t think she’d come back when I brought her in at the end of the season last year I really just brought her in on a lark but soon she’ll have big yellow flowers. The Rose is doing wonderfully too. They both bloomed twice over the winter but then got some spidery-nasties and nearly died (one is hanging on by a thread). This one just exploded as soon as I put it outside. Let’s hope the other follows her lead. There’s 4 tomato plants in front of them waiting to go into their pots. Three of them nearly died one cold night that I forgot to bring them in but, as you can see, they are making a robust come back.


There’s the Rose that isn’t doing as well as it’s sister but we have still hope.


There’s Rosie! Isn’t she freakin’ gorgeous???? Anybody need any Rosemary? LOL

Luna came to live with us Sunday





She’s one or two years old and very skittish. Very pretty. She’s starting to come around I’m sure she’ll be fine in no time but it was very hard watching her play with Charlie’s post. I cried. Big time. I told myself it doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my baby boy, if Charlie finds his way home he will be welcomed with open arms and spoiled rotten! Still, Luna needed a home and we had one to give. I’m not sure she knows or cares for her name she doesn’t answer to it. If we keep it she’ll become “Looney” in no time (it’s already happening). I suppose that’s Ok, after all Harry is named after Harry Potter so we might as well have Looney Luna tooπŸ˜‰

Hubby cleaned the fridge, washed the kitchen floor, and brought me French Toast in bed. All very nice. I wrote for a while and did my gardening and got to know Luna a bit. We watched a movie. We went to sleep.

I had the most wonderfully strange dream. I was snuggled up next to The Big Guy, all warm and toasty, and melty. Feeling very relaxed and happy, sleepy even, from the long rousing round we’d had. I was nodding off in the dream feeling his fingertips slide up and down my spine and then I heard him talking. He kept talking. But not to me.

“No, I’m not doing it.” Pause. “No.”

I looked up and the first thing I noticed was….he was on the phone. A cell phone. Weird. He looked down at me, smiled, kept talking.

“No, I’m not killing her, I’ve told you before Mother,” he paused and looked dead at me, “I’m keeping her, get over it.”

I pointed to myself. He rolled his eyes then made the Universal yakking gesture with his hand–moving it like a puppet’s mouth.

“No, sorry. It’s not happening. Bye, Mother. Buh-bye.”

I snuggled down into the crook of his arm again and fell asleep. Although I don’t know why Hera should want me dead I was very happy that he didn’t want to kill me. I mean, after the hot round of lovemaking, it was really good to know I wasn’t totally disposable.πŸ˜›

I woke up happy too until I played it over for the second or third time and got to ‘I’m keeping her’ and I thought; What am I? A Cat?


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