Freedom It’s a Beautiful Thing


Well, how do you like it?

Personally I adore it! I think in every state that has passed one of those ‘It’s Ok To Be A Bigot So Long As You Cover It With Your Religion’ Laws should have to post a sign on their front door. They can put this one up or they can put up one that clearly states who is NOT welcome. I mean, c’mon, how are you supposed to know otherwise? I’m not gay but if I were I certainly wouldn’t want to inadvertently walk into a bakery to order my wedding cake only to be told I’m unwelcome.

Would you? How’s that sound? You’re all happy, you’re walking on air, you and your sweetie are going to tie the knot and you’re making grand plans for the Big Day. You walk into (maybe) the ‘best bakery in town’ only to have the person behind the counter basically tell you to leave. You’re not wanted.

I think it’s fair. I don’t care who puts what on their sign/sticker. Make it creative. Make it beautiful. Make it funny. Make it Long and Flowing. Make it Short n Sweet. Make it disgusting. Make it inflammatory. Freedom of Speech and all that happy stuff. Put whatever the hell you want on it. It’s your business.

Just be prepared that said sign may be off-putting to some individuals. Like certain Religious Groups for example. Sore Winners: Christian Group Offended by Businesses That Won’t Discriminate Against Gays The article is short and freakin’ hilarious! If you’ve got 5 minutes I suggest you read it. Only in certain sects can one win and still be pissy. It’s truly dumbfounding.

It’s also dumbfounding when people are so blind to anything and everything but themselves how they fail to understand the world around them and things like repercussions and consequences…right here on Earth in the here and now not in some after life that may or may not exist. How is it possible they didn’t even stop to consider that something like this would be the result of their bitter bigotry? What right do they have to be upset over it?

After all, it’s a law THEY wanted.

They got it.

Now shut up.

I want it known that this law extends to ALL religions…ALL of them. So if yours has a problem with pink people, or cats, or sneezing, or farts, or those of another religious sect…go for it. Put up a sign.

No Muslims
No Jews
No Christians
No Blacks
No Women–whether or not they’re currently menstruating
No Chinks
No Dykes
No Fags
No Gooks
No Towel Heads
No Japs
No Micks
No Wetbacks
No Degos
No Honkies
No Hippies

(How am I doin’?)

Go for it. It’s perfectly legal (in some states) so long as you can find some morsel of religious dogma to back you up. And ya know what? YOUR GOD didn’t even have to say it! Just some yakker tucked away in YOUR BOOK somewhere, anywhere, doesn’t matter. It can be as little as 16 words in a million+ word book.

BUT don’t be SHOCKED and OUTRAGED and scream ‘DISCRIMINATION’–against the only person that matters of course, you– when someone else puts up a sign that says

EVERYONE WELCOME–If You’re Buying, We’re Selling

Don’t cry about how you have ‘a right to make a living’. Know why?

No, ya don’t Sparky. There isn’t a single thing in the US Constitution that gives you the ‘right’ to own a business, have a job, or earn a living. Nope. Sorry. Try again.

I don’t want to hear about how signs such as EVERYBODY WELCOME will ‘hurt your business’. Sorry. You’re outta luck. It IS YOUR business but it also IS MY MONEY.

Are you getting the correlation there yet? I have just as much right to NOT shop at your place of business because I don’t like your practices as you have to practice those ‘religious’ practices.

Get it?

Now if you’d like to find your balls and/or your big girl panties as well as putting on your thinking cap perhaps we can resolve this situation. My proposal, other than the one above, is simple; Business is Business and Personal is Personal. Period. The End. The only sign I should see on the door of any business is; No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Well, that and your hours of operation. Is that really so damn hard? Do you really believe that you–or your God–is so far above everything and everyone else that you should be treated special because of it?

(Short bus not included…well, ok, we’ll debate that at another time.)

Look, my mother was a baker, she made the most gorgeous wedding cakes and she did it for more than 25 years. She was also Catholic. Not a strict Catholic, we ate meat on Friday, we rarely went to church although every Lent she gave up smoking for 40 days. My point is…she tried to live up to what she honestly felt were her Godly Obligations. She lived a good life as a good person, that was what was most important to her. In the end, she didn’t feel God would judge her harshly for breaking any rules so long as 1-they weren’t major (Thou Shalt Not Kill and all that happy-stuff) and 2-she lived her life being good to those around her. I think she was right. Your Mileage May Vary.

Back when I was very young interracial marriage wasn’t a big thing. In fact it was nearly unheard of. The first time she was asked to make a cake for an interracial couple did she say ‘no’? Hell no. She said; ‘What kind would you like and when’s the ceremony?’

I have no doubt that were she still with us and making cakes the first time a gay couple came to her she would have gotten through it. She would laughed her ass off and felt a little uncomfortable but she never would have made THEM feel uncomfortable. She would have done her usual outstanding job. She would have gotten paid. Life would have gone on. By the time she did the 3rd or 4th one she wouldn’t even think twice about it. Why? Because she was in the business of helping people celebrate one of, if not thee, most important day of their lives. She wasn’t there to judge someone or tell they were going to burn in hell because they were white marrying someone black, or they were ‘living in sin’ first, or they had a baby out-of-wedlock first. That wasn’t her place and she knew it and was fine with it.

How did the hell happen?

Above everything else she was an AMERICAN FIRST. She understood that her rights, liberties, and freedoms, were dependent upon everyone getting the same treatment and being welcomed to the Grand Table. Now, someone’s seat might be a little fancier than yours and someone’s plate may be bigger (or smaller) than yours but there’s a place for you. What you make of it is up to you but your place is there and cannot–should not–be taken from you except under the most extreme circumstances (Thou Shalt Not Kill thing again, perhaps)

If you’re not willing to share the Grand Table with everyone–never mind share your food or a little of your own space–if you in fact go out of your way to kick someone from that table simply because you don’t like them or if you sit there tacitly while someone else does the same; what right do you have to be surprised when someone forces YOU away from it?

(And they will. Eventually…they will.)

What right do you have to expect someone–anyone–will stand up for you?

(Why should they?)

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

It’s too bad not all of us understand that simple concept.

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