There May Be 50 States But….

…I’ll only consider a handful of them.

Let me explain. Recently the question “Will you move to ________?” has come out of my hubby’s mouth a few times. Don’t get me wrong, unlike 49% of those polled in the Great State of Connecticut I am NOT in any hurry to leave it. I like it here. Warts and all this is home and I love it. BUT he keeps getting job offers in other states. It seems he’d like to consider them. Fair enough. I don’t want to hold him back and at this advancing stage of the game a new challenge/adventure could be fun.

He came home the other day and said: “Will you move to Florida?”

I admit it, he had to pick me up off the floor and then wash it cuz I went into a fit of hysterics so hard I couldn’t contain myself or my bladder.

Fuck no. That’s my answer to that one. Just like it was my answer to “Will you move to Alabama?” The only way I’d consider Florida is if the job was on Key West or something like that.

He came home more recently and said: “Will you move to Rhode Island?”

Sure. Why not? Especially since the job is around Newport and I love that area. I will actually move anywhere within the 6 New England States without much of a hassle at all. For those of you who don’t know that’s:
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

I will also actually move to:
Alaska (yes, I said Alaska, wouldn’t be my first choice but…ok..I’m game. I’ll give it a fair shot.)

As you can see, although Colorado made the list, I would very much like to continue living near the ocean. Hubby will tell you, I often make him take a drive by the beach and The Wall when we go out ‘just to make sure the water is still there’. I’m not kidding. Ask him. He’ll tell you it’s true. Yes, I geographically aware that NONE of Vermont and very little of New Hampshire sits on the Atlantic Ocean but they’re still New England and have the flay-vah that I crave.

As a matter of fact, any ocean will do. I heard the Med is nice….sigh. I know, I know, I’ll starve to death but if he could snag a job in Greece I am so freakin’ there! I hear Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia are nice. Never mind packing we’ll just sell all stuff and buy new stuff when we get there!

I will also consider moving to the following states:
South Dakota
North Dakota
New York (preferably “upstate New York” which is anything north of “the city”)
New Jersey
However….any place in the above states if not on the ocean should be near a large body of water that I can visit often. In the top 4 states on this list I could finally get my cozy cabin on a lake.🙂 Hubby won’t allow said cabin to be in the middle of the woods but that would be the ideal just the same.

I will consider but probably not move to:
West Virginia
I know, that just shocked a lot of you because by now you’ve realized I have met Mr. Mason and Mr. Dixon. But, I have to say it, the Blue Ridge Mountains are freakin’ gorgeous.

I will not consider moving to:
Well…all the rest of them.

Sorry, I know that limits his potential just a tiny bit but let’s face it those other states want me about as much as I want to live in them so…it works out.

If I didn’t say that I would move to your home state don’t take it personally. It’s me. Not you. Ok.🙂

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  1. LorettaLynn

    Ah what about Nebraska? lol Everyone one leaves my poor state out, We even have large bodies of water. No ocean that’s for sure, but still pretty big😉

    • That’s funny. I just apologized to another friend on FB for leaving out Nebraska! LOL I have heard good things about the state but I’ve never visited. I would probably consider it but don’t know if I’d last very long once I got there.🙂

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