Playin’ Catch-Up

Let’s start with Good News….after some wrangling with the insurance company…I went for impressions today! Woot! Next appointment is June 17th that one will be rough but I’m pretty proud of myself so far. I didn’t even cry today. That’s an amazing improvement but it’s because I know I’m finally nearing the end of one long dark painful road. The 17th won’t be any fun since the extractions will be done then but I’ll be leaving with a full smile (two of them actually one in my mouth and one in my pocket…LOL. They gave me a fantastic deal on a second set and I couldn’t pass it up) I’m going to post a picture of myself here. Just the picture. Nothing else.🙂 I’m looking very forward to smiling, talking, and laughing without having to think about how much of my teeth are showing.

AND…the Battle of the Bulge continues. While I don’t do scales and I have absolutely no idea of what I weigh I can tell you I’m a lot closer to that size 6 now! WHOOO-HOO. Bye-bye 10s. 8s are getting just a tiny bit baggy. Ass is rising like bread and thighs are slimming but I may have to face the fact that from now on I am the owner of a pair of thighs and hips. I’m hoping by the end of June I’ll be in a straight 6 and I’ll be happy-happy. I think my new supplement regimen is working well and I can tell that Hair, Skin and Nails thing is awesome. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years. I used to look at my hands and get discouraged seeing my mother’s hands at the ends of my arms but not anymore. Hair’s nice shiny and soft too. As for the nails, well, they’ve always been pretty good but they’re a wee bit stronger now. I’ve been on my little supplement regimen for just over a month now and I really have to say that it’s working well. I started eating, yes eating. Since high school I’ve eaten one meal a day and snacked heavily at night. When you hit 40 that catches up with you! LOL Hubby and I are enjoying the Special K line of snack bars instead of chips and things like that. They are very tasty I eat one around 10am and in bed at night I have lots of fresh fruit or Newton Thin Cookies–very tasty. I try my best to use the elliptical 3 times a week but doing that and getting this damn book done aren’t always conducive. However, I am still doing the Wii every night and I reached level 800 in tennis🙂 According to Wii Sports my Wii Age is 39! According to Wii Fit I’m 70. Weird. I’ll stick with the Sports and ditch the Fit LOL.

All-in-All, hubby and I are doing well. He fits easily into his leather jacket again and I might get to go shopping for new jeans to go with my new smile. Neither of us is trying to get our old body back we realize that’s gone and, in the end, we are happy about that. I do like having hips and tits–where the hell did they come from??? However, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to let the whole chassis go to pot. We’re Classics now and on our way to being Antiques😉 Those items are always worth more if you take care of them but maintain the patina. Know what I mean, Vern?

Sunday is the first Pappy’s Run in like forever and while I hate to take time away from writing at this stage of the game…it has been years and I really wanna go so we’re going. Then we’re having company. Cousin will come and the kids will come, we’ll have some burgers on the grill, I’ll kick ’em all out early so I can get back to the book. But you know what ‘Jack Torrence’ said; All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull BoyAll Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull BoyAll Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Besides, I’m almost good at throwing my leg over the seat again. Hey, it’s been 5 years, it’s a little rocky get this old leg up there. I’m working on it.

We have made significant strides on “Kingdoms of War”. I’m betting we’ll have a good first/rough draft to send out for those ARCs on June 25th and then it’ll have to go through the polishing phase of the game. So when I send them out I’ll do so with the warning to expect typos and grammatical errors. If you’re up for reading Chapter One its online go check it out (Yes, it still needs a final round of spit shine). We’ve wrangled 35 blogs to sign up for our Release Blitz and 4 other authors to get in on the giveaway. This is should be a really big event. Since it’s the last one let’s hope all goes off without a hitch.

We got some wonderful reviews! Check ’em out! In fact, check out the whole mini-tour over there on the Indy Book Fairy each post has its own giveaway including some of new swag!

Now for the Bad News…found my books on a pirate site again! Pisses me off! This time it wasn’t so bad most of the links on “my author page” (snort) went to Smashwords where people could buy the books BUT others were totally FREE downloads some even offering to let people read my books FREE online. Fuck that. I sent a nasty gram to them, tracked down the site that was giving them away and sent a nasty gram to them. I swear if I ever actually get my hands on a book pirate I’m going to slowly strip them of every ounce of dignity they may have had and post the whole thing on YouTube. It’ll be sorta like that scene with ‘The Joker’ and the ‘Fatman’…you know the one I mean. Bastard will be lucky if it doesn’t end the exact same way too.🙂

Well, off to try to go a little further with the story before hubby gets home. For those who missed it on Facebook here’s today’s Tuesday Teaser


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