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Way back when…back in the day…in the dark ages of MySpace when I first started blogging my main goal was a sort of social experiment and a means to connect with people. No, see, it wasn’t to sell books or as cheap advertisement and a cheesy ‘This is How You Write’ type of advice column thing. I set out to prove to myself that the Human Condition is not unique to any one human. We ALL experience certain events in our lives, all of us, you, me, him, that one over there lurking in the corner. All of us. Some of those things are happy, some are devastating, some are sad, some are just are. Our character shows in how approach, deal with, and ultimately resolve those situations. In other words; you, me, him, and the lurker, no matter who we are, are not as different from each other as TPTB might like us to believe. It’s my firm belief that, as a society and a country, if we could just concentrate more on finding those commonalities rather than focusing on those things that are divisive then we could probably see each others POV and maybe even work together. Get things done. Move forward.


One quote from that long ago blog still appears in this one on the Welcome To My World Page

We’re all just Strangers on the Bus of Life so let’s take this journey together, in good spirits, with much Love, Light, and Laughter.

Being a Writer I tend to get long and flowy here when I ramble on about this or that, something in my life, something in the news, something making me happy, presenting an obstacle or just pissing me off. I’m always very honest. I used to be brutally honest but I have matured and taken some matters of decorum into account over the years.😉

As I blog I don’t do it merely for my own satisfaction. I hope I’m making someone out there smile, laugh, or think. I hope that by sharing something personal or embarrassing like my missing teeth, my irrational fear of anyone in the Medical Profession, or my preference in Adult Toys that I’m connecting with someone out there in Cyber Land who can say to themselves; I’m not alone. When before that they were saying; Oh God, it’s probably just ME!

I Am Not Alone.

That’s right. You’re not alone on this wacky bus. I’m here. He’s here. She’s here. That lurker is here. So then, WE Are Not Alone. Sometimes, often times, there’s something very comforting in that idea. I Am Not Alone. Sometimes it helps if we remind each other of that fact even if it’s just by tossing out a blog post or, maybe even, writing a novel.

I don’t hear too much from the people who read this blog but I know you guys/gals are out there my stats tell me so. I know many of you come back day after zany day even though the vast majority of you never says a word to me. That’s ok you can lurk maybe one day you’ll actually type ‘hi’ in the comments and let me know who you are. If you don’t that’s cool too because you are welcome at this small and not so grand table no matter who you are.

Sometimes someone comes out of the shadows and they cross the lines from lurker to fan to friend. These are the best times and they are the times that remind me just why I do the things I do. Things like writing and busting my tail on promoting and…all of that happy-stuff. I don’t think anyone becomes a Self-Published/Indie Author for the fun of it. Nah. Not really. I don’t think anyone does it to Get Rich Quick–if they do they’re an idiot. I think–I hope–that way deep down inside a writer takes this path because they honestly believe they have something to say. They want their shot at Contributing Their Verse to The Powerful Play that is ever Going On and they want it to resonate with someone…anyone…out there. It’s not for money or fame or accolades but because they want to be heard.

A few days ago someone, a reader who turned into an online friend, wanted to buy some swag from me. Yeah! The deal was typical. She sent a check and I waited for it. She was supposed to send me $20.00 but when I opened the envelope I found a check for $100.00 and a wonderful letter telling me how I’d touched her life through my books and this blog and she wanted to help with buying my new plate! She even shared the story of her own not-so-good dental experiences with me. This is a woman I’ve never met, although I’d like to, I was flabbergasted by her kindness and her willingness to empathize with me and be so compassionate as to want to help me pay for this.

Over Mother’s Day weekend I was unexpectedly tagged in a very lovely FB meme by a woman who’s been with me for a while now but we don’t have too much direct contact anymore. I ‘liked’ the post and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day then she sent me a private message. She wanted to tell me (again) how I’d touched her with my stories and made her see things a little differently and gave her hope when she didn’t have any. She thinks I’m aces.🙂 I think she’s a bit-o-alright too. They both are totally awesome women.

How do you respond to these things? I tried to do it graciously but having such high honors bestowed on me is disconcerting. But I’ll tell you, those are the moments that make this very difficult terrain worthwhile. There’s no money in this Self-Publishing/Indie Author thing for me. None. I always end up in the red deep in the crimson, baby. To that end it’s still a lot like my old Stargate/Daniel Jackson, House, MD, and Highlander fanfiction days; the most payment I ever really get is contact with those read my stuff. I’m not complaining. I am not here to make money–that doesn’t mean I would turn it down, you understand😉

I do this writing and this blogging this because I have somethings to say. Somethings I know will resonate with some of my fellow human beings. The main one being; Don’t Give Up. No matter what they fucking throw at you don’t you dare give up. Don’t let the bastards win.

On the all-too-rare occasion when something completely wonderful like the above happens to me I get to know that I connected with someone and they to me. That I was heard and understood.

The fact that someone of the people on the bus also like me, that they get me, and even want me to hang around, is the sweetest icing one could ever put on a cake.

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