Summers’ First Weekend

I love three-day weekends but I always end up needing a 4th day just to recover from the other three. Friday saw grocery shopping, lots of it, all kinds of tasty treats went into my cart for our Sunday picnic. I brought it all home, put it all away, and promptly sat down to figure out the rest of my weekend. Saturday saw laundry and house cleaning. Wow did my bathroom shine by Saturday night! Whooo! It was almost as blindingly white as the outside of the house after hubby’s power washing earlier this week. Hubby painted the faux columns at our front door while I made fruit salad and deviled eggs. Everyone always flips for the deviled eggs. I can’t stand them so I don’t make them very often and besides they’re very smelly…all the way around.🙂

Saturday’s weather was unsettled and it was very difficult to tell whether or not it was going to be bad weather. So when we woke up to bright sunshine on Sunday morning I was very happy. We got up fairly early had coffee and then headed up Town Hill to…

Mike’s Famous Harley. For those of you who don’t know this business has taken up residence in the old Coca-Cola Plant. I still miss that place but Mike has done a wonderful job in taking it over. The owner has kept the building’s history intact and has been able to nicely intertwine it with motorcycle history. It’s really quite unique. I was impressed and I ended up liking it much more than I thought I would.

We got in line, we registered for the run, got our wrist bands, tickets, and poker entry cards. Then we went out to the parking lot and had a little look-see.


I photographed this bike at the Blessing of the Bikes this year so I was very happy when I turned around and saw him coming in. I almost never get shots of bikes with their owners so that was kind of cool.


That’s kinda cool too. It’s all chrome. Shiny. Very very shiny.

Since it’s no longer an actual biker run but a poker run bikers are free to come and go from the starting point at will. You register, get your stuff, and follow the directions to the first stop. No one blocks off streets and no one lines the route to wave to you as you pass by. There are 5 stops and you go at your leisure so long as you finish by X o’clock. At each stop you draw a card and it gets marked on your poker card. At the end of the run the person with the best hands wins…whatever there is to win.🙂 Proceeds go to local charitable organizations and the entry fee helps pay for the party after the event; food, drink, live music. We’re still remembering Donald “Pappy” Pittsley who led the fight to Let Those Who Ride Decide. There is no helmet law in the State of Connecticut. They made us wear our freaking seat belts but they’ve yet to force us to wear a helmet. The day they do is the day the bike gets sold.

Anyway, we left the lot, hubby and me on his bike and our friend Rob on his and we headed to the first stop which wasn’t very far. It was New England Cycle Works in Groton.


Then we went to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Pawcatuck (Paw-Cah-Tuck) which was a nice ride but not too far from the second stop.


Then we were off to the third stop which nobody seemed to be exactly sure of how to get to. Maine isn’t the only place likely to tell you ‘You Can’t Get There From Here’.🙂 We followed along in a small pack with some people ahead and others behind us.


And we rode. And we rode. And we…rode. I’m not complaining. You go a few miles north of Good Ol’ New London and Norwich and you are in some scenic countryside. It’s lovely. Very rural. Very Old New England. We saw corn fields and cow fields–smelled those before we saw them–horse farms and turkey farms. Miles and miles worth of stone walls, we love our stone walls we really really do. Although I was sure our little pack was pleasantly lost we eventually arrived at the third stop. Weideles Pizza & Pub. We’re in the sticks. Yep, we were in the sticks.


We realized it was time to make our way home. We had company coming between 1-2pm and it was 12:30 and we were a good 45 minutes out from our front door. So we parted company with the run and we rode and we rode and we…rode. Until finally we found the on-ramp for 395. We got up on the highway with big blue skies and I looked over and saw a big black cloud. I said to the one always on my shoulder;

It’s going to rain


As if to accentuate his point a big fat drop fell on my head. Just one.

We rode and we rode and we rode. The sky got darker. But there was blue sky to the left and right of the big black cloud and I kept praying;

Just let us make it home, ok?

No answer.

Hubby can see the cloud. He’s screaming down the road. Cars in the passing lane are moving the hell out of our way to let us by, ok? We passed some pretty fancy ones too. I have no doubt we were easily cruising along at 100mph heading for home.

About 25-30 miles away from the house I looked up and said;

It is going to rain. I can smell it.


And it poured. It did. Yep. There we are racing down the highway on two wheels with no helmets on wet roads getting pelted with rain. If you’ve never had this experience I can assure you…it hurts! It’s not just wet or cold or uncomfortable…those drops are little needles when they hit your skin a couple thousand times.

As we headed down 32 we passed a pack of Harley Riders who’d taken shelter under some large trees by the side of the highway. I saw quite a few helmets among them. As we screamed passed them hubby gunned the engines and I couldn’t help but utter in disdain; “Pussies.”

We finally pulled into Beautiful Downtown New London and the sky was big and bright and blue and absolutely cloudless and…it was still raining. We both looked up and looked around went; What the fuck? It did that until we reached Lawrence & Memorial Hospital where it suddenly stopped raining and it was easy to see it had no rained hardly at all. We got into the driveway and the driveway was spotted so were the cars. We were drenched🙂

No one was here yet so we ran around getting set up. Hubby power washed the deck and didn’t want to put the patio furniture back up so we pulled the dining table outside. Yep, just picked it up, turned it on its side and right out the sliding door onto the deck with it and the matching chairs. Cousin came with his daughter, Nikki & Nate came, Becca & Hector came and even Rob stopped by after the run. We were all out there having a good time and chowing down on many goodies when I looked up and saw a black cloud and I said;

“It’s going to rain.”

As soon as I said it there was a big clap of thunder.

“Yep, that’s it, let’s go.”

Everyone grabbed something, we zipped around as though we’d practiced this a million times and were all inside–dining table, chairs, food and all, just before the first fat drops fell.🙂

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we drank and everyone had a good time. By the time they all left and all was cleaned up I was quite tired.

Today is Writing Day. Raven gets to kiss Lenore and Ares gets to take the Throne. Should be good. Let’s hope. Time’s running out here. We gotta get this done. SO….if you’re still here….I NEED BETAS! The story isn’t finished yet but, with time getting so close, I need people to read what there is and get back to me on it. Also those who will clean it up a bit for me. If you’re interested let me know. Requirements are: You MUST have the TIME to DO this NOW. Of course, I must KNOW you in some manner. If you’ve never contacted me before don’t do it now.

We’re out. Have a great rest of your weekend🙂

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