You know, I’m beyond detesting these limey bastards. I really am.

Yep. They did it AGAIN. They “didn’t get the check”. Such bullshit. It really is.

(How do you know that, Moonie?)

Glad you asked. I know that because, once again, I sent the check to the correct address and once again it was ‘not received’ and once again I had to put a stop payment on the check. I did that on Friday so who wants to take bets that within a few days I’m posting here again because they again tried to cash a check with a Stop Payment on it? Who wants to take a further bet that they’ll whine and cry and wonder why I stopped payment on the check? I mean, I’ve only told them 3 times now so why should they pay any attention?

I love it when they ask ‘why is the payment late’?

Ahhh, cuz you’re dicks?

That really is my best answer.

So I called them again today after making triple sure my bank has put a Stop Payment on the check and that the money is on its way back into my account. Yes, I pay online through my bank. My BANK sends the check. There’s a lovely paper trail up one side and down the other in case HSBC wants to take me on…which I’d really like. I would. I’m dying to take a chunk out of somebody’s neck by now. I paid them over the phone just now for which they charged me a $20.00 ‘convenience fee’. Do you like that??? This is for THEIR ‘convenience’ not mine, they should pay ME the $20.00 just for putting up with their gray-area business tactics. AND for putting up with their BS on the phone!

Gotta love it! A very pleasant English-as-a-first-language voice tells me a representative will be right with me. Then some dot-head gets on the line. Again, no, lady, your name is NOT Shirley! I hate that shit! Didn’t India win its independence from Great Britain already? Then I jump through all of these rather insane ‘verify yourself for us’ hoops before I can even get to the root of the matter. Once I give them my loan number, the last 4 digits of my Social Security #, my freakin’ address and my goddamn phone number…shut the fuck up! Let me talk at that point! I swear it would be easier just to put my DNA on file with them.

I explain…again…that yes the check was sent I was not remiss in remitting payment. They just ‘didn’t get it’….again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked the account number and the address with “Shirley”, the loan statement, and my bank. This ain’t rocket science. This IS going to the right address. Always has been. There is no Earthly reason they ‘aren’t getting it’ unless of course they’re lying. Which is my answer to this problem. They are bald-faced liars and they don’t care who knows it because they’re so immature and full of themselves they think no one is catching on. And, if they do, well, what the fuck will their customers do about it anyway? They got us by the short hairs and 9 ways to Sunday.

Now “Shirley” isn’t a liar when she tells me ‘we didn’t get the check’. Poor “Shirley” is in some phone bank in East Bum Fuck, India and she doesn’t have a freakin’ clue what her company is doing. So I explain it to her. Surprise, surprise, surprise, she’s heard this before. I know that because she immediately went into a scripted spiel about how I should contact the US Post Office to find out what’s going on! It took everything I had not to laugh in her face. Above All Else because it wasn’t sent with ‘tracking’ of any type the US Post Office will not have a single solitary clue as to why HSBC ‘isn’t receiving their mail’. In fact the USPS is going to tell me that THEY deliver HSBC’s mail right on time every time.


So I went over the facts with “Shirley” as to the ‘lost check’.

1-the check didn’t come back to the bank (the original sender) so
2-it made it to its destination and I know that because
3-if it gets FedEx’d to the same address there are zero problems and that’s because
4-they have to sign for it

Perhaps I should just start sending paper checks via certified mail.

5-no signature required for regular US Post so
6-they sit on it–literally–they just sit on it so
7-it can miraculously appear just after the replacement check has been sent so they can
8-cash both of them and
9-get a double payment

Are you feeling me yet, play-ah?

When that doesn’t work out to their ultimate advantage…
10-they charge you a fat ‘stop payment fee’ on a check they already knew had a Stop Payment on it. Oh yeah, along with the
11-regular late fee

Feeling me now???

If not, then I guess you’re just no up on your “Wall Street Journal” which will tell you that ‘banks’ like this one and CitiBank and Bank of America and freakin’ Wal-Mart ‘financial institutions’ get WAY WAY WAY more money from ‘poor’ and ‘middle class’ folks in banking fees than they do via any other means…period. In other words, they’re still socking it to the little guy and getting away with it.

Yeah. No. HSBC and corporations like it…CitiBank, Bank of America….et al… have learned 0 from nearly bankrupting the World Economy just cuz they felt like fuckin’ around. They’re still fuckin’ around just in different ways. Yep, still playin’ Fast-n-Loose with other people’s lives and homes. It’s easy. What the hell? It ain’t their life or their home, right?

So I paid “Shirley” over the phone along with the ‘late fee’ and the ‘convenience fee’ before my bank has credited my account the sum of the other check cuz 1-I’m cool like that and 2-hubby got paid today, 3-I get paid tomorrow and 4-there’s still just over a grand coming back to my account in the next 24-48 hours. Then “Shirley” starts going into this whole thing…again…about why the payment is ‘late’ at which time I wanted to jump through the phone line and rip the dot off “Shirley’s” head. (Is that racist? Tough shit.) I interrupted “Shirley” and went over the 11 points above again very succinctly, of course. She again tried to go into the ‘why is your payment late’ bullshit at which point I told her “Have a nice day…get it?” She paused, tried again for the briefest few seconds and then told me have a pleasant day.

I try not to take too much out on “Shirley” because I was a telemarketer and I’ve worked a phone bank and I know she’s just the schlub on the other end of the phone and none of this has anything to do with her. I know she’s reading off a script and going by my prompts as she searches for the corporate ‘right answer’.

But the only right answer here is for HSBC to clean up its act and start doing business above-board. Yes, that means actually posting the checks they receive instead of sitting on them and lying through their British teeth about it ‘not being received’. It’s an easy, convenient, and very childish ‘excuse’ for playing Dirty Pool and double-dealing under the table. HSBC and their Financial Corporation Buddies are still and banking on people to fail so they can snatch up their house now that the market is slightly rebounding.


Well, duh. Would you even consider having nearly 2 trillion dollars in reserve…enough money?


What’s wrong with you?

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Someday…maybe…you and I can have a nice chat over how Citibank told the Credit Bureau that I was deceased…and being deceased I had no credit score…so I couldn’t get any credit for months! That is, until I proved that I was still alive!!! And I had no recourse against them for doing it!!!

    • I believe you! While we’re chatting we can talk about how BofA ignores Court Orders. Just looks at them and says; “No, we’re keeping the money.” I can’t tell you how many times that happened when I worked at the law office and someone would die, someone else is appointed executor/executrix they have all of their court paper work, death certificate, and Will and BofA still refused to cooperate! I can’t wait to hear how you proved you’re breathing!!!!! LOL

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