And So It Begins-The Harbor Light Project

When I first entered this project, quite accidentally, in June last year (see this post for details) I had no idea it would take so long or become so involved. BUT today the restoration of the harbor light here in good ol’ New London has finally gotten underway. Truckloads of scaffolding showed up today–donated by Brand Scaffolding, we thank them very much! Tomorrow the good people of Connecticut Carpenters Local 24 will erect the base and on Saturday and Sunday they will put it up so the nice people from IUPAT 1122 can paint it and the nice folks at Loring Masonry can fix the stone then my guys will come back and take the staging down.

Shameless plugs I know! LOL But I’m just so darn happy that all of these wonderful people and organizations came together to support such a worthy–and near-n-dear to my heart–project. Today after work I went down and started taking photographs. I’m sure there will be several updates over the next 8 weeks until we get to the finished project. For the majority, images of the carpenters will be kept on Local 24’s website unless I deem something to be ‘fine art’ then I’ll post it here as well. That should keep certain folks happy-happy.

Click the images to make them larger. You are welcome to download them but not to alter them or to redistribute them for monetary gain.






I don’t know about you but I just love this one! It’s a book cover…don’t you think? I think I’ll write a book or a short story around this picture. I called it…DIBS! So hands off😉

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