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Greetings! Welcome to my post for the

Covergasm Hop

I’m an “indie writer” that means I do EVERYTHING by myself from writing a story to formatting it to uploading it to multiple outlets and making the covers. Thankfully I do have some help when it comes to editing/beta reading/catching major screw ups🙂

Take a gander at my latest book cover….


Well? What do you think? Not too incredibly shabby for someone who never took a design, graphic arts, or even a Photoshop class, huh? C’mon give it up for this old lady…after all I just got the news; come next year I will be a grandmother! OMG!

The above is the cover for my upcoming novel which releases next month. I think it’s eye-catching maybe even a little haunting. I have to say I absolutely detest covers with half-naked men or women on them. I think they’re cheesy as all get out and are designed solely to make the cover viewer salivate. They’re salacious possibly even false-advertising. No don’t get me wrong, in my teens I was a huge fan of Fabio. Not the books on which he graced the covers but the image of the guy on said covers. He was HOT! No joke.

But…I’m not a teenager any longer. I’m 48 years-old, mother of two grown daughters, and wife of my one and only husband the last 28 years. I want more than a hot body that makes me shiver. I need substance. I need intelligence. I need a bit of mystery and a smattering of intrigue. I love a good dash of dominance but not too much, sensual dominance is my game. Those who enjoy spankings need not apply. Hit me and it’s an early grave for you, baby. Period. In order to attract and hold my attention I need a cover designed for an adult woman with adult tastes and that type of cover is hard to come by these days. Truly very difficult. From what I see in my Facebook feed and on Amazon/Kindle–the more salacious the cover the better chance one has of making a sale. Unfortunately for me, I don’t pander to the Hot n Ready Crowd my sales may suffer. Oh well.

Here, take a look-see at the covers I have created for my novels/stories

Dream Weaver--my first available-for-sale novel

Dream Weaver–my first available-for-sale novel

“Dream Weaver” is my very first for-sale novel. This is the very first cover I ever made! LOL

OBSESSION my second-to-last novel cover

OBSESSION my second-to-last novel cover

“OBSESSION” really returns to my roots of horror/romance. The very first novel I ever wrote was entitled “Save Me From The Roses”, I was 12, computers were for major corporations, graphics didn’t exist. Yes, I’m old. I know. I think the cover works to convey that spooky/scary/creepy feeling without being cheap or cheesy. In fact, it’s sort of reminiscent of “Halloween” and ‘Michael Meyers’.😉

In order, the following are the covers that I created for the first books in the OF WAR Series of Dark Adult Paranormal/Mythology/Contemporary Romance/Erotica Thriller/Chillers


OK, I agree, this one is a bit salacious😉



On the whole I think each cover very nicely depicts what the reader is about to encounter behind it.

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For a Limited Time Only

The OF WAR Novels 1 & 2 No-Box Set is FREE 6/7 and 6/8 on KINDLE for the very last time ever! Regularly $4.99 this Kindle Select Exclusive bundle is available here. Other novels/books in the OF WAR series are just $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and other retailers. This series is 18+ Only and contains several scenes of graphic sex and violence. It is not for the faint of heart.

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Covergasm Hop

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  1. I like Christmas on Olympus and The Heart of War covers. I already like on Fb and i shared but I couldnt tag you but i put your name anyway.

  2. Love Obsession🙂

  3. The sexiest is Christmas on Olympus so hot! My fav tho is Rising Son or Kingdoms of War!!!

  4. Janie McGaugh

    I like the Dreamweaver cover best, because of the romantic composition.

  5. Child of War – Rising Sun (The male model looks hot ‘blushing”)
    I tweeted Following and Liked on FB and shared! Amazon #45

  6. My favorite cover is for Dream Weaver.

    Thank you for the chance!

  7. liked your Amazon page (#46)

  8. Wow! Your covers are nice for never taking a design, graphic arts, or even a Photoshop class. My favorite of your covers shown is Kingdoms of War. I like the women in the background with the sword and bird in the for front. Very nice. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Rising son for the colors
    liked Amazon page #47

  10. I like Dream Weaver best. I love moonlit scenes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Kingdoms Of War and Child of War Rising Soon! =)

    liked on Facebook (Meri Bee)
    followed on twitter (@meribee1)
    liked Amazon page: #48 (Lola)

    thanks for the giveaway, Lisa!! =)

  12. I like the Child of War Rising Son. It just seems like it would have an interesting story.

  13. I love the Kingdoms of War cover!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    Twitter: @BookAttict
    Facebook: Elizabeth Hyatt

  14. I like “kingdoms of war”, the cover is bold and the eyes draw me in!

  15. I love the Women of War cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Liked on Facebook: Kristen Noel
    Followed on Twitter: @Spockella
    Amazon Like: #48

  16. stacey7smith

    I like Kingdoms of War the best
    I follow you on facebook – Stacey A Smith
    sasluvbooks at yahoo dot com

  17. Great covers! My favorite is Kingdoms of War. It is eye-catching and very intriguing.

  18. I like the christmas eve on olympus, makes me want to walk around to the front

  19. devynsmom95

    Christmas Eve on Olympus because it looks like she’s waiting on her Dom.

  20. I like the Kingdoms of War cover! You did a great job.

    Thanks for taking part in the hop! Have a great weekend!

    Share this on page on FaceBook

    Follow You on Twitter— @KinkyVanillaRom

    Tweet about this post

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