My Charlie

For those of you who missed this yesterday here’s my little vlog that was posted to FB and, of course, my YouTube Channel

So, anyway, last night we went out to dinner just like I said in the vlog. We went to….Charlie’s Place….in East Lyme. Very good food. Very casual. Very family oriented. I had the fish and chips which were delicious and hubby had the prime rib in honor of Father’s Day. We ate. We laughed. We went for a ride. We came home. We had coffee and desert. I went up to bed. He played his game then came up, we watched TV then went to sleep.

No big deal. Right? Totally ordinary. Right?

Just as we cuddled up in each other’s arms to settle in for a nice slumber I heard scratching at the foot of the bed then I felt one of the cats jump up on the bed then I felt them next to me kneading and settling in for the night. I was going to pet them, either Harry or Looney/Missy, whichever it was but I was so comfy I figured ‘nah’. I felt the cat snuggle up next to me and then go to sleep. I felt the cat there all night long.

I woke up in the middle of the night cuz I’m old and I had to pee so I did that. I looked for Luna/Looney/Missy who is usually in the bathroom window or on the towels at that hour. She wasn’t there. I came back to bed, hubby was barely awake and I said to him; “Did you let the cats in?”

“No.” Said he.

I thought that was weird. I mean I FELT the cat next to me. I almost went downstairs to call for them but it was the middle of the night and I didn’t want to wake my neighbors. So I crawled back in bed, snuggled next to hubby, and went back to sleep.

I got up this morning, I went to the bathroom, hubby stumbled into the hall and I said; “You know, the strangest thing happened. I could swear there was…”

“A cat in bed with us?” He said.

I swallowed hard. I got goose bumps. “Yes.” Said I. Then I went to tell of how I felt a cat knead—

“So did I. Right next to you. Did you hear them clawing at the mattress then feel it jump up on the bed?”

I was SHOCKED. Flabbergasted! Since our girls moved out I’m the only ‘sensitive one’ in the house and I keep my mouth shut about the things I hear and see that, well, aren’t actually there. I don’t want hubby to think I’m totally crazy! You know, things like, the music/band I hear, the girl that cries, the man dressed in white who peers into our bedroom quiet often. But I said ‘yes’ and told of the rest of it. I finished in the bathroom, sped down the stairs, and there was Harry waiting on the deck to come in. I called for Luna/Looney/Missy but she didn’t come then I heard her crying. Hubby called down that maybe she was stuck in the basement window and I should look. (Missy made a nice hole in the screen so she could come and go as she pleased but hubby closed the window on her a few days ago! LOL) I went down I didn’t see her. I came back up and she was just jetting from the deck into the house.

That cat was there right next to me ALL NIGHT. I know it was. So does hubby who swore he felt it move to the foot of the bed, then snuggle between us, then come back to my side during the night. Hubby is not ‘sensitive’. In fact hubby thinks such things are absolute bullshit. So when he agreed with me I nearly…dropped my teeth😉

I figure it must be my Charlie, my little baby, who came to snuggle last night. That makes me as sad as it does happy. If he’s departed this world then I know he isn’t in any pain and no one’s being mean to my baby. If he’s departed this world it means I’ll never have him in my arms again that makes me cry like a baby. As I worked on “OF WAR-The Complete Series” this morning I heard a cat crying, whining, wailing, even Harry heard it and it bothered him so much he made a fuss until I let him out. I looked out the window and saw my neighbors cats I thought it was one of them crying until Harry went out and they looked in the same direction; my neighbor’s house across the street who doesn’t own a cat, the kitty crying went on a few more minutes. Then it stopped. But all three of them just sat there staring in the same direction until it faded away.

Very strange. I’d still give anything to have my Charlie back. Anything at all.


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  1. He missed his mama.

  2. Sometimes, I feel my Monkey Kitty and My Izzy boy visit. I miss them so much and has been a few years. Love you Sis and Roy is more sensitive then he will ever admit.

  3. lol just a pervertbrother moment… Has Roy asked for bj without your teeth in yet?

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