Playin’ Catch-Up

I know I’ve been absent a lot lately but I’ve been busy. “Kingdoms” is rocketing along which is a good thing because I like have to finish it in 7 days! Good thing I’m taking next week off work, huh? Wooot! This thing has taken many turns that I did not expect, Apollo has turned into a raving LUNATIC! He’s just ka-ray-zee! The things he’s done in the last few chapters have caused me to stop, look up, and say: “Hi, Eddie.”

Yeah, that bastard snuck in here near the end to overturn everything and change Apollo from general power-hungry narcissistic jackass to…Michael Meyers with a heavy sprinkling of Freddy Kruger! WTF????

I’ve tried and tried to steer it but once we topped 150,000 words the wall fell, the chains broke, and since we zipped over that line we might as well just keep on going.😉 I swore I had the ending of this novel all plotted. I swore I knew where we were going. Now it looks like, well we’ll get there, we will, maybe. I’ll either write another 100,000 words over the next 7-10 days or we are not going to get our “Happily Ever After”.

I don’t mind that.

Readers/reviewers/critics, however, will freakin’ crucify us. After ALL THIS if we don’t at least deliver a “Happily For Now” we’re just so totally fucked. Yet, more and more, it’s looking as though our darlings Ares and Alena will not be together at the end of this story. A really good epilogue will be required!

In any event…wish me luck, huh?

For those who missed it here’s this week’s Tuesday Teaser to give you some idea of what I’m babbling about.



Any-hoo….The Harbor Light Project is done–well almost–at least as far as the scaffolding goes. Check it out.







WOOT! Looks good, huh? It took them 3 weekends! Wow. That’s dedication. I mean they did it for FREE after all. Now that the scaffolding is in place work has begun. AND we’re going to some Chamber of Commerce thing tonight at the Custom House. The director reached out to my boss and me, she invited us personally, it was hard to say ‘no’ especially with my new smile. I think I’ll go try it out tonight. Maybe I’ll come in contact with a bookstore owner or someone in the publishing business, someone in the film business would be good too. Would not turn that down. Nope. After that we’ll probably zip across the street for open mic and stop in to see our favorite bartender and my biggest local fan, Miss Mary Beth. We’ll make a nice night out of it.

Until then, I’m alone in the office today so I MUST use the time to write. I never write at work. At the law office I wrote at work all the time. Every day. I haven’t been able to follow that same routine here which is a big part of why I’ve fallen so very far behind with this novel. I have literally half the time to write that I did before.

One week until ARCs are supposed to go out. This is going to be fun! Interesting at least. I suppose I may be have to inform people that ARCs won’t go out until the first week of July. No. No. No. We can’t do that. Too many people have signed up for it.

Get the cross and nails ready, my friends. I’ll go quietly. No palms necessary but I’m not carrying the damn thing through town either.

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Good luck Lisa! Then again, luck has nothing to do with it. I have faith in you! Your teasers kill me, but I love them! Looking forward to more reading…😉

  2. so now i have Apollo on my hit list as well ….

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