Women’s Taste in Men

This is not a definitive article. Yeah. No. A definitive article on this subject will never be written because 1-men can’t figure us out and 2-other women are too busy telling us how to be women and what should want to actually find out the true answer.

This is a social experiment based on the following photograph which I came across the same way most other people found it…Yahoo! News. The headline; “Is This the Sexiest Mugshot Ever” crossed my eye and, of course I had to hit it. So I did. This the picture that popped up.


I admit, I got a rush. He’s hot. Those eyes just grabbed me. Whoa.

Based SOLELY on the picture…he’s hot. I’m not a fan of tattoos in general never mind neck tattoos but 1-they’re not overly filled in and 2-I have become much more tolerant of tattoos over the years. My oldest is covered in them including some on her neck and there are many tattoos where I work. So, 3-were I twenty years younger, yes, I could kill an hour or two with him based solely on this picture. Your Mileage May Vary.

For those of you for whom it is the neck tattoos alone that blow the deal…how’s this?


My Photoshop skills are rudimentary at best but I think you get the idea of how the man looks without the neck tats. So…what do you think?

Remember we’re talking about LOOKS here…that’s it. Just looks. To tell you the truth I have no idea what this guy’s name is and, over the course of that hour or two, I wouldn’t give a shit what his name is. Sorry. Yes, I know, I left the filled in tear drop. 1-I happen to like it and think it suits him and 2-yes, I do know what it means and 3-I work in a place where it is not uncommon for me to see ‘1%’ on a leather jacket. No, the guy with that jacket doesn’t own a yacht, it’s not THAT 1%…ok? And, no, I do not work for the Department of Corrections or anything like that. Most of you know where I work for those that don’t let’s just say I work with guys…real guys. Men. Real men. The unabashed bald faced truth of the male gender who embody pretty much everything the words ‘raw masculinity’ automatically call to a woman’s mind.

I love it. I do. They may not be pretty but they ain’t fake. They know where they stand with each other. I know where I stand with them. They know where they stand with me. Nobody minces words. Life moves at a faster pace because of it.

For those that don’t know, I’ve worked for doctors and lawyers, I grew up very middle-class in the 70s and 80s in a working class/blue collar neighborhood and, oh yeah, went to Roman Catholic and Baptist churches. So it’s not like I’m Ghetto for Life or something.

Back to Mr. Mugshot….the article, which I didn’t read because I don’t care who he is or what he did I wasn’t asked my opinion on that I was asked if I thought it was the ‘Sexiest Mugshot Ever’. I don’t know about ‘ever’ but yep, that’s a sexy mugshot. The commentators, seemingly mostly men, were all about how women are only interested in looks, and how this guy would get not ‘just women but ATTRACTIVE women’ when he had ‘nothing to offer’, how a woman would turn away the ‘nice guy’ with the ‘401k and steady job’ in favor of this guy, this thug, with no future.

From looking at the names these are the same people who jump to tell a woman she’s fat. She needs to lose weight. She should wear more make up and color her hair, be sexier for her man. I’m betting these same guys don’t have jack in the looks department.

Are you seeing the double standard yet?

Like I said, I’m willing to give him two hours. Not a lifetime but it could be a very fun two hours.


Because women are just as visually stimulated as men are. No matter how much we’re told not to be…we are. We love looking at a hot body and drooling over a handsome face just as much as any man enjoys staring at a size 4 with a D chest. On that score men and women are not that different. Not at all.

But it was the next article that really pissed me off. The article wasn’t about Mr. Mugshot but how women are, I don’t know, Anthropologically Challenged, we haven’t gotten out of the Caveman Days yet to realize that ‘bad boys’ and ‘alphas’ aren’t ‘good for us’ and how we, as women, should start thinking less of the protector, the aggressor, the hunk that drives us insane, and more about the geek with money who can ‘provide’ for us… I wish I was kidding about that or about the fact that some nutty woman ‘psychologist’ wrote the article but I’m not. In this female’s opinion we as women should give up our cave woman ways and bypass men that get our juices flowing in favor of those who can take care of us because you know, as a woman, you’re just not capable of taking care of yourself. Trade the hot guy and a life of being poor but having great sex and being in love for…money.

No. Thank you.

If that’s what most women wanted then “How To Marry a Millionaire” would be on the top of the Kindle Charts but it’s not. Alpha Males, Bad Boys, and Doms are, they always have been and they always will be. Even the Billionaire Fantasy novels currently going around have rich men who are also alphas, bad boys, doms…. Why? Because that’s what most of us want. Big. Bad. Bold. And totally able to kick ass. It isn’t what most of us are strong and self-assured enough to handle, that’s for sure, but it’s what a great many of us want. At the end of a long day of working, running errands, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids, we want to be able to hand it all off to someone stronger than us someone we can surrender to and mean it.

BTW, according to the female psychologist, the Alpha Male isn’t ‘good father material’ because he’s ‘too dominant’. Which is bullshit, of course. The reason those of us who want the Alpha Male is for his traits; his strength and his aggressive nature. We want them to go forward at least one more generation because that is good for the pack as a whole. We can’t breed a bunch of smart but wimpy people, that is not good for the pack as a whole and will not help to ensure the survival of the spices. Someone must protect the sheep. I, for one, was never thinking about ‘good father material’ or ‘material’ at all for that matter. I was looking for a ‘good lifetime fit’ a ‘soul mate’ and whether or not he was going to be a good father or a good provider was secondary (at least) to other concerns.

None of this means that the geeky guy with the good job and 401k who has his life all plotted out by the time you get there isn’t The One for you. He could be. You should give him a shot too if that’s your thing.

It was never mine. I have to say I never dated a guy who didn’t have a police record. Nope. Each and every one of them (it’s a short list, btw) had been arrested before I met them. I never dated a jock or a geek. If he didn’t wear black leather and have a wallet chained to his faded but nicely fitting Levis I didn’t want anything to do with him in terms of sex or a lifetime intimate relationship and I still don’t.

Contrary popular belief, I don’t think that women (not girls) who go for the alpha male are looking for a ‘project’ or ‘to change him’ or that they honestly believe ‘he’ll change for me’ although I do think she sees something in them that others don’t or won’t. It takes a very strong woman…an alpha female if you will…to live with and understand an alpha male. To live with him as a fully functioning partner and be his lifelong mate without ever having a desire to change him or turn him into someone else. She may manage to smooth out some of his rough edges, mellow him a bit and help him mature, but she doesn’t want him to lose himself.

These things don’t make a woman “Anthropologically Challenged” or mean that she ‘can’t get over her genetic predispositions’. The fact of the matter is that the woman who is attracted to money isn’t more evolved than the woman who is attracted to a well-developed chest. The woman who is attracted to power isn’t more evolved than the woman who is attracted by a pair of strong arms. The woman who is attracted by a more docile submissive type of male is not more evolved than the woman who is attracted by the dominant/aggressive type of male.

If you don’t want to go for the alpha you don’t have to. There are lots of women out there who can’t give up control and they want/need someone who is more inclined to just go along and to say ‘yes’ rather ask questions. Women who like everything to run smoothly and to chart a pleasantly predictable course through this life. That’s ok. I wouldn’t dream of telling that woman she’s “Anthropologically Challenged” because the alpha male did not find her suitable for breeding and she is now with a beta. Never would I say such a thing. I would simply understand that her ‘type’ isn’t my ‘type’, which means we can go out to the bars together and cast a very wide net because we’re not in ‘competition’ with each other.😉

So…. Are you the type of person who likes everything plotted out in black and white? Wants to follow a set plan from A to B to C climbing the ladder to the day you die at which point you wish to leave a hefty sum of money to your 2.5 children?

If you answered yes to the above questions an Alpha–male or female–may not be your best choice in a mate.

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