Happy Accident

As most of you who follow my personal page on Facebook already know; we are redoing the deck. Oh joy. Such fun. Woot!😛

Like good little consumers and DIYers hubby power washed the deck




Oooooo….nice job honey! Trust me it hadn’t been that clean since before the trees were cut for lumber.

We researched products to use. Last time around we used Thompson’s Water Seal but we wanted something with color this time around. Like nearly everyone else in America with a deck we researched Behr Deck Over cuz it’s exactly what we want; many colors to choose from and it ‘resurfaces’ the wood laying down a nice rubberized coating that feels good to the feet, seals cracks, and prevents splinters. But…we couldn’t find many good reviews for Behr Deck Over. The first season everyone seemed to love it. After the first winter most people hated it. We couldn’t find anyone at any local hardware store to recommend it with a smile and we couldn’t get anyone who works in the industry to say ‘oh yeah that stuff’s great you’ll love it’.

Oh bother.

There we were with a clean and totally bare deck with nothing to put on it. We tried to research RustOLeum deck paint (also a ‘resurfacing’ agent) and Olympic makes one too but both are just too new for anyone to know much about them. Finally someone in the industry looked at us and said; ‘look, try this stuff, you’ll love it.’ Hubby came home and said we were going to try Cabot Solid Stain.

I thought; Cabot? Geez that’s a name I haven’t heard in forever. Are they still in business?

As far as Home Depot and Lowes are concerned, no, Cabot is no longer in business. It’s one of those old timey specialty items you have to go to a real hardware store for. Hubby went to Cash True Value in Niantic and came home with 3 gallons of….Tile Red Solid Stain. He opened the cans and I thought; Gee, for Tile Red that’s awfully brown. But I liked it.

On the deck it went. We started Friday night, the first night of our vacation and I was pissed beyond words that I was spending it painting the fucking deck with my hubby and sons in-law. I did my part and I kept my mouth shut. I did an extra good job too. We wrapped up for the night long about 7:30-8:00 I was still mad. Hubby bought me Chinese food to make up for it. We ate, we slept, we got up the next morning–at like 6:30 on the first full day of vacation because I was still pissed!– and looked at the deck.

Yep, very brown. Very nice too! Loved it. Great! Maybe I’m not so mad anymore.

SILs came back, we started in, I helped until it was time to do the actual decking at which point I bowed out because Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth on that one. About an hour later…


Hubby came in, announced they were done for the day, and that two more gallons should finish off the job. SILs left. We went out to Cash True Value with the label from one of the cans and the book of colors, showed both to the paint guy, and got the two gallons of…Tile Red Solid Stain. We came home. We opened the cans and beheld…Baby Shit Pink.

Ick! WTF?

Of course by that time Cash True Value was closed. We had to wait until Sunday. Got up early, drove all the way out there….the store is exactly 8.21 miles from my house. Don’t you people in big states laugh at me here that’s a half a day’s trip! We gotta pack a lunch for this shit.🙂

We were early. We waited for them to open and looked at some new patio furniture that we might actually be able to afford. That would be nice. We went inside, we had our receipt, the top of the old paint can with their label and their instructions on how to mix it, two cans of Baby Shit Pink. The nice folks didn’t argue they were just totally perplexed. It seems we’d been given the name and color recipe for ‘Terra’ and not ‘Tile Red’ but they didn’t know how that happened. They tried to make ‘Tile Red’ out of ‘Terra’ but didn’t make it. They very nicely gave us two new cans of ‘Tile Red’. It was early in the morning, I wasn’t fully caffeinated yet, I looked at the paint and thought; That’s a bit on the red side, isn’t it?

We brought it home. We opened it up.


Hummmm…..so close and yet so far. Neither of wanted to drive the 8.21 miles back to the store and complain to the nice people. We compared the can tops and colors to the book of color swatches and….we could not find the first color anywhere! That’s right, the first clerk fucked up, they made some custom color that Cabot doesn’t make and it can’t be duplicated without a lot of trouble.


Oh well, fuck it. Paint the decking again.




Yep, that’s a very Happy Accident. It’s weird cuz when we first started thinking about this hubby asked me what two colors I wanted. The Behr Deck Over commercial shows people dancing on a brown deck (almost the first color we chose) with white rails and posts. We have brownish/red rails, posts, privacy fence, and reddish/brown decking.


Hubby made me a new little work station/growing area. Yes, those are pineapples. They’ve been sitting in water for…a year? I finally decided to plop them into some dirt. I had a HUGE pineapple plant once MASSIVE so big it hardly fit in the living room. Trouble was it never produced a pineapple and eventually it got dumped down the bank at the back of the yard.


There’s Master Harold who firmly believes he is the Master of the Deck and we did this just for him.

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