Playin’ Catch-up + Kingdoms of War Update

Man I love ‘vacation’. I never work so hard as I do when I’m ‘on vacation’. What a PITA!

The deck is finally done…as in finished.

Yes, we got new umbrellas and a new outdoor dining set! Check it out! I’m soooo excited!



The table is 84 inches long and seats 6 very comfortably! Woot! We found it quite by accident as we wandered around Thursday in search of a new set. AND we got it for $350.00! AND we got two brand new very thick and fluffy robes FREE AND we got two beach balls FREE and we got 10% OFF for taking the floor model! hahahahaha Never have we purchased patio furniture and I think is a stellar deal. We looked far and wide and were completely unable to beat this set we found at NAMCO a place we hadn’t even considered and just sort of stumbled upon in our travels.πŸ™‚

Friday I ran around and got the umbrellas plus a new cast iron stand. I also rescued several plants and got pots at Ocean State Job Lot for $4.00!







I bought all of them on Friday and potted them up. I spent the whole day wandering around in the sunshine playing in the dirt recharging my batteries.

I admit I emailed my ARC people and told them it would not be ready. No, “Kingdoms” is still unfinished! I had the whole freaking week off and while I did a great deal of writing most of it was spent focused on the damn deck. Next vacation no freaking projects! Do home improvement shit in between work. The deck is beautiful, it’s very relaxing, I’m thrilled we did it and that it came out so well but it is soooo NOT the reason I took this week off. Know what I mean, Vern?

Anyway, we did get a lot done and we are within a stone’s throw of finishing this novel.

But not the way we wanted.

No, in order to serve time and word constraints we decided on a different ending for this story than originally intended but hopefully no less satisfying. With that said, at some point, we are going to do an “Alternative Ending” just for us. The Big Guy and me. You know, just the way this whole thing began with “The Heart of War”; merely for our own amusement. Do it the way we want and damn everybody else. Yes, we’ll probably publish it at some point. Yes, those who wish to go on to what might be the next series will want to read it. Yes, it will ‘better’ than this ending and juicier. Much much juicier. Much darker and more adult. Richer.

But for those who wish to leave Ares and Alena here at the end of this series this version of “Kingdoms of War” should suit them very nicely and be…dare I say it…about as ‘mainstream’ as I ever hope to get.

When all is said and done we’ll bundle the Alternative Ending in with the “Kingdoms” ebook and the bundle pack of the series and offer it on its own for those who don’t need to or want to buy the novel over again. But that’s down the road. Come fall or so maybe. When this is done hopefully next week over the 4th of July weekend I’m going to take a very long break once the promo thing is over. Very long. I’m going to enjoy my plants and my deck and work on getting in better shape which is hard to do when I’m trying to write. There isn’t enough time to split between both endeavors anymore.

So for those who were wondering; yes, we’re still releasing on July 16th. ARCs, with any luck at all will go out on Monday, July 7th. I don’t expect reviews in time for the tour but I do expect reviewers to understand that the final polished product isn’t what they’re being offered. The story will be done but spelling, grammar, and final editing will still need to be done on it.

After that…well…after that…I do have an interesting novella/short story rolling around in my head; A Pair Odi. Yep, that’s the title. Sound it out. You might understand where it’s heading.

Could be fun. Definitely something different for moi. I imagine, in its own way, it will be a lot like “Dream Weaver”.πŸ˜‰

Back to work tomorrow I’m sure there’s a ton to catch up on. Sucks. Cleaning on Tuesday. That should hurt like hell. But I’ll have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to pour myself into this ending. Mainstream or not I just want to do Ares and Alena justice at this point.

Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. LorettaLynn

    I love itπŸ™‚ Now I want to have one tooπŸ˜‰

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