Kingdoms of War-The Story Behind the Story


Man, if you’d asked me a week ago; “Is it gonna be ready?”

I would have said; “No fuckin’ way.”

I was still lost, dazed, confused, and hopelessly staring at the screen. It was that way since January. Finally on Sunday morning, very bright and early which is unusual for Pooh-Bahs like me…I went to the store and bought a pack of Kools. Yep. I did.

I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote from Sunday morning until just about 8 o’clock Tuesday night. I haven’t done that or felt like that since I quit smoking. It was freakin’ GLORIOUS! It was. I can’t tell you enough how I actually feel like me again. I walked around in a hazy funk since January unable to write any more than a sentence at a time and that was pushing it. Most days I just kept telling myself to fuhgidabudit. It wasn’t gonna happen. I suck. The story sucks (that remains to be seen, no reviews yet, duh, they only got the “ARCS” last night!) I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. I quit smoking. I’m eating healthier. I’m doing my Wii. I even got up the courage to go to the dentist and have my teeth fixed (lovin’ that! It’s the best thing I ever did for myself) so why the hell can’t I write!!! It was so frustrating. Of course, not being able to write stressed me out and my sex life suh-cked these last few months. I didn’t even have any interest at all. Zero.

Sunday morning I had enough. Hubby bought a whole pack of those Clint Eastwood cigars on Saturday at SailFest, he’s been smoking on and off right along I smell it in his truck. I got fed up. I’ve been telling myself for at least a month that I needed to buy a pack of cigs because they were only thing missing from my Writing Equation. I smoked two…got sick! My head was swimming my eyes were bulging I was bathed in sweat…I thought I was dying! THEN

BOOM! And….We’re Off!

It just poured out of me and I was helpless to stop it. More than that I didn’t want to. I was lit up like a Christmas Tree and firing on all cylinders. Come Monday night I was still writing at 9:30pm and I almost never write after hubby gets home from work. On Tuesday morning we were a chapter and a half away from ‘The End’ and I was on Cloud 9 totally unable to believe we were actually going to pull this sucker over the Finish Line right on time and not a second sooner…LOL. I even got several shades of the ending we had originally been going for. Very abbreviated but nice.

Yep, between Sunday morning and Tuesday night I wrote 50 pages. Before that I couldn’t write 50 words without feeling…blah…blek…ick. Now I wish I had been smoking the whole time because I know the story suffered because I wasn’t. It could have been much better and less disjointed. But, maybe just maybe, that sort of adds to the overall mood of the book. Maybe. We’ll see when the reviews start coming in.

I love the way it ends I know it could use a few tweaks and The Big Guy and I decided that maybe on Sunday we’ll go back and do a little flourish and fill on it. Other than that…it’s done, baby. E-books are up and running on Kindle and Smashwords, they should be on Nook by now but that thing really drags its butt. Over the weekend I’ll get it formatted for paperback and get that running too.

I was even able to add a small Afterword to it and a nice author’s bio complete with picture of Yours Truly. I can’t believe it came out as well as it did. I just kept hearing it in my head over and over….the announcer from the 1980 Winter Olympics excitedly saying: “Do you believe in miracles?”

Why, yes, Mr. Announcer Man…I do!

So I told my hubby that he was just going to have to put up with it. I intend to be back on my Blu by Monday with no other nicotine products but when I’m writing I’m smoking real cigs and that’s the name of that tune. He didn’t seem happy but after the incredible sex we had Monday night I don’t think he’ll argue too much either.😉

There’s so much more to say–Kindle and Smashwords screwed me. Kindle let “Kingdoms” publish before it was finished and 2 people bought it. If they contact me I’ll send them the full copy. The same thing happened on Smashwords it let the “Complete OF WAR Series” kick early and one person spent $9.99 on it….not finished! It was only available for less than an hour before I caught the screw up. Then my web host contacted me and accused me spamming people they were going to take my site down! Right before the launch! GRRRRR At least I got that problem straightened out. I don’t even use the email associated with the site so how could I be spamming anyone from it? It was a nightmare. What a mess.

I intend to take the rest of the summer off from writing. I’m just going to enjoy this time, enjoy my deck and my plants, just recharge my batteries. Come Fall I got a few idears and we’ll start hammering them out then. Right now….I’m going to sleep. Sleep will be very nice.

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  1. Congrats my friend on finishing. I look forward to reading this finale. Sending you a big hug

  2. Well congratulations. I know that feels good!!

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