It Never Ends

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Nope there sure ain’t. Is today really SUNDAY? Am I supposed to be RESTING?


No rest for the wicked…or the Indie Author.🙂

Between Friday afternoon and today I was able to:
Create a page for my NEWS Event I discounted the books AND made FOUR lines of SWAG. So of course I had to do double duty and put those four lines in the regular store. Prices are vastly different! If you’re not going to the New England Writers Signing (NEWS) Event…for the love of all the Gods…don’t use the NEWS page!

Yeah, I’m hoping to entice some people into pre-ordering books and swag. My budget is non-existent at this point so the more people I can get to pre-order the better! I do plan on having 5 copies of each OF WAR book on hand (except “Christmas Eve on Olympus”). As for swag, I dunno.

Check out the new designs:





Each line has a basic-t, a woman’s tee made of extra-soft cotton, a tote bag, and a mug….yeah, I know…’duh’ on the last one.🙂

The ‘author line’ and the ‘I Fell in Love With Ares’ line also have pens. I’ll bring those to the event.



Oh yeah and I got a new rack card made


Buy the whole series in paperback for NEWS and get a free rack card and pen of your choice!

I got a new header made for the site


Trust me, it looks sch-weet on the charcoal background of my site.

And I got this going:


The real OF WAR COMPLETE is now available on Smashwords $15.99 and my site $10.99 . If you buy through me you get a signed/personalized digital copy. Coming Soon to Nook…some day. But NEVER to Kindle. Sorry, their Return Policy is far too liberal for me to let this go on Kindle. I have no doubt at least one person will buy it for $9.99, read it, then ‘return’ it with no questions asked. No returns on Smashwords and it isn’t that easy to return on Nook either. At least someone is looking out for the author! We all know it will never be Kindle! It’s kinda like asking Wal-Mart to be fiscally and socially responsible. Might as well keeping waiting for a new sidewalk! LOL😉

Oh yeah…and we got one 5 star and one 4 star review for “Kingdoms of War”.

I’m tired.

Oh yeah…AND my wonderful hubby bought me new flowers over the weekend which I planted.

I’m whooped!

The Writing Bug is already calling. I’m about to do something that some people will downright hate and others won’t know the difference about. I’ve always my House/Hannah trilogy so I thought that, over the rest of the summer, I might take my time revamping “Change of Heart” and “Lean on Me” for Fall release. “Sister Christian” will take much longer and may get divided up into two or three stories. I had no idea it was over 500 pages! That’s just regular ol’ pages no formatting or nothing. Wow! But they loved it. If I can revamp ‘House’ just right we may have something here. Not the next “Fifty Shades of Grey”, no this is a wonderful little series about a brother and sister. I always loved it. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written and judging by all of the ‘awards’ it won others must agree. So I think we’ll futz around with that. Come winter we’ll start “Raven: God of the Damned” and fill in all of the blanks between Raven and Lenore and all of the stuff the was left unresolved at the end of “Kingdoms”.

Right now I’m finishing this bottle of wine and then collapsing!

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