Every New Beginning

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That title sounds familiar to you Old Timers, huh?

Yep, Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End…right???

Yesterday I wrote the very last guest post I’ll ever write on the OF WAR Series. It was very bittersweet and threatened to become terribly personal. The Big Guy really just wanted to tell all before we completely go on our little hiatus here. If you’re interested in my thoughts and reflections on just how this thing came to be you might want to hop on over to The Lusty Penguin and check it out. The very last guest post on this subject that will be published will be on July 31st on Literal Addiction.

Speaking of my wonderful friend, Chelle, owner/operator of Literal Addiction she posted two stellar reviews for me lately and I didn’t even know it! She gave WoW and Rising Son 4 Stars each AND she’s been ever so kind as to catch a ton of little bobbles in KoW for me as she’s reviewing it. If you’re a writer and you need a little help polishing up your manuscript I can’t recommend Literally Addicted to Detail enough! Chelle is just awesome! Her prices are very reasonable and she’s easy to work with. I guess we’ll find out how much she liked KoW in two days time๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll spend this weekend taking care of those boo-boos and get a new ebook and print book uploaded. Good thing I haven’t ordered those print books yet! Now, when I do, they’ll be as close to perfect as I can possible get them. My friends were kind enough to read it for me and catch a bunch of mistakes but they get caught up in the story and miss tiny things that someone like Chelle catches as though she’s playing center field. I’ll do that and then we’ll take our much deserved break from writing. Then it will be off to fix up our little brother & sister series. (Don’t worry there’s no incest or anything like that. In fact, this series is very different from my usual fare and I have no idea what to label it. Certainly not ‘romance’. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.) Maybe by the time winter starts rolling around we’ll start writing “Raven: God of the Damned” and get into all of the things we just didn’t have space for in KoW. I’m sure Ares and Alena will be in it but it will definitely be Raven and Lenore’s story. I’m hoping for a novella so you know that means it’ll end up being the size of “War and Peace”! LOL

I sent out a post to my mailing list this morning all about NEWS and what you can do is Massachusetts for a weekend…I tried to give some good tips for people who traveling to the event. I figured getting 800+ pairs of eyes on the information might help boost visibility and get some interest going. I told them about the pre-orders for books and swag and….people are coming! To see ME! How wild is THAT? I started getting emails this morning and FB messages; we’re coming, we’ll be there, can’t wait to meet you.


That made me feel good. At least hubby and I won’t be sitting there twiddling our thumbs for four hours. LOL They want to meet hubby whom I’ve billed as my ‘own personal Ares’. So that should be a hoot. I honestly can’t believe that anyone would travel across the street never mind across state lines to meet ME. I better get a new outfit or something so I look presentable.๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully those wanting books/swag will take advantage of the pre-orders I really don’t want to have to buy a bunch of books on spec, haul them all the way up there just to haul them around with me the rest of the weekend and then back home.

I guess, after NEWS, contract with a publishing house or not, I’ll a ‘real’ author. How totally weird is that???

I imagine there will be a ton of pictures posted here after the event. Good thing I got my teeth fixed cuz I can hardly stop smiling right now!

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  1. Lisa? You’ve always been a real author to me…๐Ÿ™‚

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