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I’m a little peeved. Ok? So, ya know, just go away if you don’t want to hear me rant, whine, and opine. Come back on a happier day. That’s fine with me.

Well, let’s see, first off the CV joint is gone in my car. Thankfully I wasn’t left on the side of the road! I noticed that annoying cranking/clicking sound on Thursday(?), hoped I was wrong on Monday, realized I wasn’t on Tuesday, and came clean with hubby this morning. This is never good. Delivering bad news doesn’t seem to be a strong point with me. However, since I have enough money to pay someone to fix it without borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, I gathered up my Big Girl Panties and laid it on him this morning.

We can’t complain. Really. We bought the car for $1,000.00 in October and it’s been a really good car ever since. Totally awesome even if it’s not my T-Bird (big sigh–on FB I keep in touch with the gentleman who bought it and turned it into all I ever dreamed, at least I can live vicariously through him and his totally cool burn out videos with my Black Bitch). I took full responsibility and told him he wouldn’t have to work on it I’d have it fixed on my own…no problem.

I brought it to our favorite garage this afternoon after work and Miss Rebecca along with her boyfriend Hector were kind enough to follow me from work to the garage and then bring me home. I told them to just meet me there I’d make it to Mugovero’s but they insisted on following in case I broke down on the side of the road. Every one but me worries about the fact that I love Justice and couldn’t give a flying fig less about the Law therefore I do not have a….Oh, yeah, this isn’t a password protected post, never mind. Just know that “Justice” and “Law” are not synonyms. Hell, they’re hardly even related.

Any-hoo…I made it to Mugovero’s, dropped off the car, told them what’s wrong with it (Gods know we’ve had enough CV joints go over the years to be able to ‘self-diagnose!’). I told them to call me when they discovered I was right, tell me how much, and btw, I’d probably like to have them do a tune-up and oil change on it. $1,000.00. October. Yeah. It’s time for those things🙂

OK…fine. That’s taken care of. Yeah! Woot!

Since my boss was out of the office most of the day and I’m really past my deadline, I did one of the things I told myself I WOULD NEVER DO at work (due to a dumbass clause in their ‘personnel manual’ that can be misconstrued in a very unfavorable manner in my direction…I know you’re still out there Hicksville and you’re still hicks don’t ever forget that…)I did edits at work. In between answering the phones, updating their website, posting dues payments, and dealing with a few…ah…people…who came to my window, I did some edits on my book. I did SIX PAGES worth of Chelle’s rather picayune edits. Oh, please don’t get me wrong here I know those edits make my work stronger/better. But, we’re talking about things like; exchanging s/he for he/she, adding ‘ing’ while removing ‘ed’, adding an ‘s’, adding ‘an’, and shit like that. Mind numbing Dear God I WANT a an Editor to Do This SHIT for Me type of work, you dig? Six pages. I kept ‘saving’ every few steps and going along.

I came home. I found the next thing we’re going to discuss that pissed me off today. I plugged in my flash drive. I got ready to do more mind-numbing edits and…it ain’t there. Nope. The freakin’ file isn’t THERE! I was ‘saving’ a ‘temporary file’ to the office hard drive the whole time. Since I ran a CCleaner before I left I’m not sure the file will be there tomorrow. I may have to start all over again.

Oh freakin’ just shoot me!

This stuff actually makes me jump around in my seat and come to the verge of tears as I do it because it’s so goddamn boring! (I wish I was kidding there but I’m not.) I yell, I whimper, I curse The Big Guy. It sucks. I’m a Creative Person the ‘little things’ bore me to tears. I can’t help it. It’s just who I am.

If I can’t find it on the office computer tomorrow…check my FB page for updates. If you don’t see any for a day or two, it’s cuz hubby doesn’t have my PW and can’t post that I have; 1-disappeared and 2-calling hours before the pyre lighting. You might want to check legacy.com for ‘lisa gorman’.

After that, I got a FB message from a friend/relative who was being NICE. She was! I know she was! She wanted to help me. It seems the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) posted a new .pdf on adoptees and how they’re welcome to join.

IF they can trace their birth parent’s lineage to a “patriot”.


I thought I was over this crap but the second I read it…well…it went right up my ass sideways.

I can trace my ‘lineage’ back to at least 10 ‘patriots’ and 20 nearly original residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, more than 10 ancestors connected to the Salem Witch Trials and even to King Henry II through his Lover Rosamund.

Still can’t join the DAR. Well, I could IF I traced my birth parents’ lineage.

That’s what the .pdf said; Adoptees Welcome IF They Can Trace Their Biological Lineage



What a bunch of outdated, exclusionary, slightly not-with-it, morons.

Worse than that…I thought I was over this shit. Turns out I’m not!


My birthparents are INSANE. I NEVER want to have anything to do with them AGAIN. EVER! They could hardly tell me who their grandparents were. Why the fuck would I have any desire to trace THEIR ancestors? As far as I’m concerned they are NOT MY ancestors.

I wrote the post maker a nasty FB email. Well, not too nasty. You judge.

On one hand I understand your point about adopted children but the other, and far more realistically, it’s totally bogus. Most adoptees never search for their birth parents because 1-their records are closed 2-searching is expensive and time consuming, and 3-they don’t want to know who their birth family is.

I’m the only one in my family to trace our lines–funny when you consider that I’m the adopted one, right? My family’s lineage traces back to no less than 10 Revolutionary War Patriots and 20 residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Many of which actually adopted children. How weird is that!

My adoptive family is my family and let’s face it, with the vast majority of records closed, if no one tells you that they’re adopted they’re in your little club. So the best method to take, if one cares about joining the DAR, is to lie. That’s exactly what you’re encouraging…lying. Thanks for being so open minded and big hearted. It amounts to absolute zero but I guess it helps make you feel better.

Ciao, Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

Too mean?

I dunno.

I do know it totally blindsided me when I received the first FB message from a friend who wanted to help me.

Yeah, I’d still choke the bitch if I could. Birth Mother not my FB friend.

I gotta work on that. I really do. I like my brother he’s cool. BM is crazy. BF can’t piss without her permission–or so it seems to me. I want to keep my brother and ditch the rest forever. Working on it. Maybe one day, like New York City, I’ll actually get there.

Ok, let’s keep going.


There’s a weird guy who, a few days a week, stops in front of my house, parks his car, and gets out so he can pet my cats.

No joke.

I searched for advice among my FB friends today but it was split between ‘he’s a wacko’ and ‘maybe he just likes cats’.

Damn. I’m torn between those too! That’s why I was looking for advice. If you’d like to weigh-in please feel free.

I mean, you know, there are still ‘Missing Cat’ posters going up in my neighborhood and most of them are still black cats….oh Charlie! I wonder if this guy has something to do with it. I don’t like to wonder too loudly cuz maybe he doesn’t. Animal Control says its ‘just coyotes’ but I’m still not totally buying that.


That’s been my day so far.

Let’s hope for a wee bit better come tomorrow.

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  1. you know i said my two cents on fb but if you really don’t trust is. take a picture of him and see if you can write down type of car and license plate and call the police, explain what is going on and that it makes you scared a little, you can add in that recently a lot of pet cat have disappeared including your own and that tho the gentleman appears “ok” you don’t trust it and ask if they would be willing to check him out, hand over information and see where that takes you?

    • I finally saw him drive down the street. He lives in the apartments down there. He hasn’t been back to pet them in a while or, if he has, he’s doing it when I’m at work. I don’t think the police would take this seriously.😦

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