A Cat Burglar in New London

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Charlie. All black. Young male cat.

I came across pictures of him as a baby kitten–the day I brought him home–on my computer the other day. I nearly cried. I still miss that guy. I really do. If you were here when it happened you know what I think happened to him. If not, PM me…maybe I’ll tell you. Other than that…I have no hard evidence of anything and shall do my best to refrain from casting overt aspersions on anyone within the context of this blog post.


Luna. Tortie. Older female cat. Skittish.

Yep, Miss Luna did not come home this morning. To say that’s ‘unusual’ for her would be a gross understatement. If she’s left out overnight she’s right there at the back door when we wander down the stairs in the morning.

I have owned cats for over 40 years. Roughly 37 of those years right here in this house, off and on. I have never seen or experienced anything like this. Never. Cats ‘go missing’ now and again. They do. Two in three months? In the city? But, more often than not, they die and leave a corpse behind….maybe it’s not a pleasant sight as was the case with my Little Maggie in March of this year when some son of a bitch ran her down in the middle of the street. Didn’t even stop.

Over the course of those same months I have come across no less than six Missing Cat Posters between my house and ‘the corner store’…roughly 1 city block. Six. Up until Miss Luna went missing today they had ALL been BLACK. Some were all black and others were black & white but there weren’t any gray ones or white ones or tigers. Black. Like Charlie and Little Maggie.

That’s really just the cats that had owners who loved them enough and wanted them back enough to make up a flyer letting people know they were missing. I can only imagine how many others may not have been given the same courtesy by their owners. In the Digital Age I have noticed many more Missing Cat posting in my FB feed and on Craigslist. Many right here in my little one to three block radius.

Does that sound weird to you?

I ask myself that question a lot over these last few months and tried to tell myself not to let my Writer’s Mind get the best of me. I hear there’s coyote in the area. I’m to believe coyote have eaten all of the black cats. That sounds off to me. Wouldn’t you think that, at night, the black cat would have the best chance of escaping the coyote? You know as opposed to the orange or white cat?

Do you remember I posted about the gentleman who comes to ‘pet the cats’ some times? Most of you on FB were split between ‘he’s an animal lover’ and ‘that dude is weird’. You weren’t much help.😉

I mean, I found this guy SITTING ON MY STEPS as I went to work (that’s the second time I caught him) petting my cats like he owed them and the joint. A few days before that he was sitting on the sidewalk doing the same thing. He stops his car to do this.

Honestly, I think that’s damn weird behavior.

Just two days ago as I was looking at the FB page for New London Animal Control looking to see if there were any adoptable dogs I might be interested in I came across this photo


I did a double-take and thought; Oh no, it can’t be.

But it is. That’s my Luna. Someone was wondering if she was a stray even though she’s fat as a house, soft as a rabbit, and has a collar. I recognized that house instantly. No one had to say where that picture was taken. Nope. I posted the cat’s name and that she’s mine and what street she lives on then I asked if they’d seen Charlie. They posted back glad to know the cat wasn’t a stray and that, yes, they’d seen the flyers and they thought they’d seen him but they were wrong. I posted back that the fact he’s still gone breaks my heart. Silence to that.

Yes, there’s a nasty little short story in here somewhere, I can see that. My question is, has been, and feels like it will always be; Is it odd enough to call the police? Am I nuts?

Other people agree there has been an abundance of Missing Cats this year. I’m not nuts on that score. (Go me!)

I honestly believe someone is going around stealing cats from the neighborhood. Why they’re doing this I can’t say. But with all my being I believe they ARE doing it and that’s the important part. Whether they’re a budding psychopath or a hoarder there’s something wrong with them that needs to be addressed before it gets way out of hand. Know what I mean, Vern?

I know I should walk right up the street, knock on my neighbor’s door, and put it right out there to him. He’s a New London cop and someone I’ve known my life. If he thinks I’m crazy chances are I am. But I don’t want to bother him with something that’s nothing and, yeah, I don’t want my long-time friend to look me in the eye and say; You finally lost it.Is that something the police would even be interested in? I know we have ‘real’ crime in this city but if someone will do something like that to an animal they’ll do it to a human being. More than my aching heart, that’s what really worries me. The possible Long Term Effects of this peculiar situation.

Now it’s your turn to weigh-in if you’re of a mind to do so. Am I nuts? Or is something possibly going on here? And, if so, who am I gonna call?

Opinions, suggestions, comments…the floor is yours.

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  1. You know you don’t sound crazy at all. And if you have a cop neighbor I would bring it up to him. For a lot of black cats to go missing within a few months time seems off. Someone is stealing cats. If your neighbor thinks you are crazy well I guess you can always write him into a story lol just kidding. On my news feed I have noticed dogs but never cats.
    Now for the guy petting your animals umm that just sounds strange to me, I mean for some random person to just come to your steps and sit and pet your animals sounds very suspicious. Either he is casing your house or he wants your animals. I would bring that up to your neighbor and see what he says.
    On another note did you get Luna back? I do hope so. Good luck

  2. That is crazy… Did you get Luna back already?

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