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Friday hubby got out of the house for the first time since the accident. It was good for him to get some fresh air and move about a bit. We didn’t go very far just downtown to the auto body shop where the bike was towed.




Heartbreaking. Really it is. After all that work he put into it last summer with tracking down an engine and then putting it in and the new header and the new this and the new that. It’s a crying shame. Just turned ‘vintage’ this year and cornered like it was on rails. I loved that bike almost as much as he did. Thankfully we have receipts for all of that stuff so hopefully it will get taken into consideration when payment is offered on the bike.


There used to be a black face shield there but it shattered and is no more. It saved his face from being ripped off, that’s for sure. Yes, I imagine it also saved his life. I’d like to say that I’ll never again protest wearing a helmet but that wouldn’t be true. At least I know myself that well. The lovely deep dent in the tank is from where his crotch slammed into it, presumably, just before he was ejected over the SUV. You can see why that sensitive area is bruised.

We’ve talked to both insurance companies and sent the above photographs to our insurance company who will forward them on to the other insurance company. We’ve talked to two lawyers to make sure we’re doing this right. So far we haven’t retained on but from what I’m getting from friends who answered my call for assistance getting a lawyer may be a necessary evil. No offense to my friends at the BAR, really honestly I mean that. So far, representatives of both insurance companies have been very nice, kind, and concerned–reasons on the last may vary.

Anyway, we wanted to get down to the auto body shop and take pictures before the adjuster got there so we’d know exactly what we were dealing with. You just saw it. Twisted hunk of metal. Damn shame. Especially considering this is how she looked when he rolled her out for the first time last year.



Truly heartbreaking.

So, after looking at the wreckage and taking pictures it was later in the afternoon when we got home and he wanted to start looking for a Primary Care Physician…at…it was like 4pm on a Friday. Nah, I said, best to wait until Monday. We rested Friday night and Saturday morning spoke with the insurance adjuster again and started the process of finding a Primary Care Physician.


I live a stone’s throw away from L&M Hospital, doctors line Montauk Ave. This should not be difficult. It should be like finding gold in a jewelry store.


Hubby goes to the web site on the back of the Care First Blue Cross card and, well, the site doesn’t seem to work. Every time he puts in zip code and searches for a PCP he gets an error or two or three. I figure maybe it’s the old tablet he’s working off of. I try on my computer. I get the same crap. I remembered I had troubles using the site before when we had to sign up with to manage the HSA thing. I was tired. I got crabby. I figured the site was down and I’d try again today, which I did.

Hubby sent his boss a text telling him he wouldn’t be in Monday (tomorrow) after all and he’d need a few more days off even though the doctor’s note says he can go back today. I don’t think she understood what he does for a living. He’s not in any shape to go hauling computers/monitors around the USCGA, up and down stairs and hills all day long. He’s gotten strong enough to take a slow lap around the backyard a few times a day but that’s about it. Trying to get him up and moving even though it’s still painful just sitting/lying there all day would be worse. He tells his boss he’s having trouble and the healthcare web site seems to be down. Boss texts back he completely understands being out of work several more days and, btw, the site is working.

I go to the site. I have the exact same problems. I rack my brain I remember his log-in name but can’t get past the security questions to create a new password. He remembers them, I change the password, the site opens and….no go. It keeps trying to give me doctors in MARYLAND! Granted, that is where the company he works for is headquartered but they have people working for them in several other states. This CareFirst site doesn’t seem to understand that. I try gaining access to the ‘National Directory’….even though I may be charged more for using someone outside Maryland, so sayeth the site. Know what? The link didn’t work. I tried every single link on that page and not one of them worked! Just the provider directory for the State of Maryland.

I was getting so pissed! I’m signed in (finally), I’m in the Provider Directory, I’ve entered my Zip Code and the damn site doesn’t recognize it. It just keeps coming with an ‘Area Error/Zip Code Error’ and showing me towns in Maryland on the little City/State drop down list.

Finally I went to the main Blue Cross site and…wow! I found 8 PCPs in my area within seconds.

I don’t know who runs that CareFirst site but they really stink at their job.

I copied the page and sent it to hubby. Most of those doctors are located in the same place. Kinda strange. Hubby will call them on Monday and get the first appointment he can to follow-up on his injuries. I’m thinking they’ll probably recommend at least 1 urologist visit. If that’s broken or has lost sensitivity then I will get John Hammond! Oh yes I will! They’ll have one really pissed-off, scornful, and chomping-at-the-bit-horny, Pooh-Bah on their hands and they won’t like that…not one little bit.šŸ˜›

Other than that, things are going about as well as can be expected given the above photographs I suppose. That’s good. We sat out on the deck for a little while late this morning and had coffee in the summer sun before making a single slow trip around the yard. That’s very good. We found 3 whole apples on the apple tree. No nectarines. Gotta move that thing one day the ants munch the bejeezus out of it. We decided to dig up the phlox box under the window and plant the rose bushes there along with a few other flowers.

So I guess we’re still buying green bananas and that, my friends, is a truly excellent thing!

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