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Let’s see, hubby went back to work today exactly two weeks after the accident. He’s still very sore and limping around but the worst of the bruising is gone and, let me tell ya, it was pretty ugly there for a while! I’m very happy to see them clearing up and to see him getting a little stronger every day. He had a follow-up appointment with a doctor…what? A week ago Friday? Man, I don’t know anymore! My head hasn’t stopped spinning for two weeks! Anyway, the doc said ‘no work’ until today and then it’s ‘light duty’. I tried to make sure he stuck to that when he left this morning. No; bending, stretching, excessive stair climbing, and no carrying computers/monitors. Whatever he can get done from his desk is what he can do for now. If they don’t like it they can come see me and I’ll set ’em real straight real quick.

The saga continues with the insurance company. They made an offer on the bike but it was a tad bit low considering all of the new parts the thing received over the last year or so. I faxed them all of the receipts…and possibly my application for Long Term/Short Term Disability, not sure on that one, all I know is when I went into work t his morning it wasn’t on my desk where I thought I left it. Ooops. Oh well. They haven’t supplied us with an email address so I have been unable to provide them with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of the bike. They also didn’t make an offer on the helmet so I sent them an invoice for a comparable replacement.

We’ll see how all of that goes. I’m not expecting a huge sum of money but it is a Classic Motorcycle that was just damn near fully rebuilt so I’m not really willing to settle just yet. It’ll be quite a while before anything moves on the Bodily Injury portion of this mess. If we don’t like that offer I’m calling John Haymond ASAP. He can handle it, well, after we talk. The one who really profits from any lawsuit is the lawyer and their experts. That’s why I’m not willing to jump in feet first and start screaming ‘I’m gonna sue your ass!’

Anyway, other than that, we do have things going on.

Miss Rebecca and her boyfriend Hector moved into their own place three weeks…maybe four…ago. It was just a week before the accident or so. We rented them a cargo van, moved the heavy shit out of our house to their new place and I gave them a bunch of stuff for their kitchen. I gave Miss Nicole stuff for her kitchen too. If I hadn’t done those things we wouldn’t have been in the Poor House these last two weeks! Yeah, I over spent on them but, well, it was fun. As a mom this was the first time I could do something like that for them and I really enjoyed the hell out of it.πŸ™‚

Miss Rebecca’s 23rd birthday was Friday and I ended up giving her $100 gift certificate to Stop & Shop and Miss Nicole $75 in the same. It was a tight fit but I was tired of getting text messages from Becca at 8:30pm reading ‘I’m hungry’. Got her a new fan too. We had a nice gathering on the deck Saturday. Cousin came down and hubby made lasagna. We had that, salad, a huge fruit salad, cupcakes from The Cake Lady, cheese platter and veggie platter. The weather was beautiful for sitting out there just gorgeous and we all had a good time.

And I finally discovered how to get the hell out of the Kindle Lending Library! I had to drop down to 35%. That’s ok, as we’ve discussed, most countries only pay at 35% anyway unless you opt to be a Kindle Select Exclusive. Most of my books are no longer available to borrowers. AND…sonofabitch…some bitch in England purchased ALL of the stories in the OF WAR series and then returned them! The bitch put me $1.11 in the hole with last months’ UK sales! I’ll bet you dollars to donuts she read the whole thing. I have no idea why I should be CHARGED when someone decides to be an asshole and return an ebook. I thought that was rather messed up and it’s what prompted me to get out of the lending library. I also went and read and re-read Kindle’s return policy and it seems they don’t keep track of how much of a book you read after you buy it. Nope. You have 7 days to return it…read or not. SO….

OF WAR COMPLETE is now available on Smashwords and (any minute now) on Nook….$14.99. You can get it SIGNED on my site for $10.99 if you’re interested. Yep, I finally found a way to hand sign an ebook. I sure did. This is no Authorgraph stuff this is actually ‘hand signed’. Since I won’t give it to Kindle (see above) I compromised and brought back


along with a new one


as Kindle Select Exclusives…$5.99 each. Normal price for one of these ebooks is $3.99 so you’re getting $2.00 off.

Both should be available this evening. If you buy these two combo packs, to complete the series, you have to buy “Christmas Eve on Olympus” and “Kingdoms of War” separately giving you a grand total of $16.96. A bit higher than buying OF WAR COMPLETE Nook or Smashwords. I wouldn’t have done Smashwords at all if I didn’t really want to get OF WAR COMPLETE into iBooks but they’re a big seller for me.

Yeah…you can hear it right? You can hear me saying; Screw you Bezos! You and the friggin’ Waltons can go yank it in a corner! I swear, both Amazon and WalMart honestly believe that the only work which contains any value whatsoever is their own. Just because a book is in digital format doesn’t make it nearly worthless. It’s the same story as the paperback and the same effort went into creating it.

Any-hoo….Kindle got their ‘exclusives’ and I’m going to get paid for it.

Hey, man! If you bought all of the books separately in ebook the price is $20.94. If you buy them from me in paperback $68.95. If you buy them from Amazon it’s $78.99. If people think about that way, which is the way they should be thinking about instead of whoring me out for a crappy $0.99!, then the ebook prices aren’t so bad. Like I said, the story is the story is the story so stop jerking me around.

This is well underway!


I know the cover is simple and a little ‘girly’ but I like it. The woman in the locket…that’s my mom.πŸ™‚

I figure once this book is spruced up and the characters…well one particular character, of course…is more fully defined then the other two books in the series will be a matter of changing names/places and editing. They should be a breeze once we do this one. I’m even thinking of retiring Ebony so we can do that series too. We’ll see about that down the road. I had the most wonderful dream with Ares, Alena and the whole cast they’re on board with turning this series into ‘all original’ and can’t wait to see it when it’s done. They’re also waiting their turn for whenever I’m ready to begin “Raven: God of the Damned”. It was so nice to know I had not been abandoned after all of that work! “Kingdoms of War” is starting to pull in reviews. It’s a hit! I’ll be ‘damned’ if I know why but people are loving it. I still think it sucks and that one day I will do that alternate version.

I ordered a few books for the New England Writers Signing, business cards that I’ll giveaway there, and 4 t-shirts. I’ll get the rack cards soon and maybe a few more books. I even ordered myself a copy of “The Shame of Eminent Domain: Fort Trumbull”. It’s about damn time I actually got a LOOK at the freakin’ thing! Since it’s available to me rather cheaply, if I like what I see, I’ll get a few copies of that to bring with me too.

I guess that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

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  1. Yes, I missed you… lol… I was just thinking today that I haven’t heard anything from you in a while… I’m glad to hear that Roy is doing better, even if he’s on light duty!πŸ™‚

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