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I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. Work was a nightmare! It has been for weeks ever since Millstone kicked off and, with much thanks, it’s almost over and we’ll haul this thing across the Finish Line and put it to bed in the very near future. Then today it was just non-stop. I’m whopped.

Then this happened Detroit Area Man Get 17 Years in Porch Shooting I blinked. Shook my head and went; “What?” Then I read it again and realized it wasn’t in Texas, Florida, or Arizona so I wasn’t as shocked. Apologies to friends and family in those states you know I love you. For as brokeass and brokedown as it is Detroit still has a sense of pussiness and that’s nice to see. Yeah, at least one place in the Good Ol USofA still believes one of the worst things you can do is give a pussy a gun. It’s almost like giving a monkey a gun but more dangerous. Way to go, Detroit. I support you…really, I do, I’ve never bought a foreign car. So, I do my best for you on that one.🙂

Then I read this! CeeLo’s Tweets About Rape… that was as far as I got with that headline before doing a double-take. His…what? Oh, don’t break my heart, man. I LOVE “Fuck You”. I do! Geez, what an asshole. WTF? I read the tweets. He said some nasty stuff. His show got canceled. I guess TBS has more sense than A&E.😉 Go TBS, I do believe you are “Very Funny” and watch you often. I shall continue to do so guilt free.

Then this happened! Home Depot Founder Hits Out at Pope Francis Claiming The Pontiff ‘Fails To Understand Rich Americans’. Ok 1- yeah, no, no he doesn’t and 2- guess I ain’t shopping at Home Depot no more. Nope it just made the list next to WalMart and Amazon and Hobby Lobby and Papa John…..and so many freakin’ others. Once Upon a Time I was Catholic…yes I was! As I’ve grown older and matured I’ve learned it’s best not to make fun of anyone’s religion. All Roads Lead to ‘Rome’ so to speak. So long as you’re not a zealot of any variety I respect you and your views. We don’t need to argue over it. I’ve also learned it’s a really bad idea to ‘call out’ anyone’s High Holy Dude. Just bad ju-ju, man. Really it is. Especially not when, for once!, said High Holy Dude has, justly and righteously, nailed you and your ilk to the proverbial cross. It just makes you shine that might brighter as the dick you really are. I hope Lowes don’t fuck up! At least there’s still Benny’s and True Value.

I opened my morning paper to this City Council Denies Finizio’s Request for $92,500 for Ackley Probe. Ackley’s the Chief of Police here in Good Ol’ New London. Long drawn out sob-story. Maybe we’ll go into it another day. It seems my Mayor wanted to hire the ex-head of the FBI and the CIA to investigate this problem. WTF? Really? Yeah, we need to make a ‘Federal Case’ out of this. We really need to spend $92,500.00 on this…just like we really needed to spent a million dollars on Riverside Park. Oh yeah, and he wanted to take the money from an economic development fund.

Oh bother.

We’re broke, btw and please keep that in mind when we get to the next section. We don’t got no money for important things like sidewalks and roads and pipes. Yeah, pipes, we had a big one burst just a few weeks ago. A really big one. It was old and storm washed away the last of the rust holding it together. That’s New London. We’d rather toss money at Riverside Park or sprucing up downtown, redesigning the parade, putting up banners and flowers and fountains, you know ‘important’ things like that instead of doing something silly like fixing our infrastructure. Nice, huh? Sweet. Then again this is the town that took away land from its citizens and turned said land into an empty field. Good goin’ guys. Always the ‘visionaries’.

Over the weekend, I think it was, the made a big deal about burning Benedict Arnold in effigy. I looked at that picture, shook my head, and wondered why they couldn’t see that Bennie was actually trying to do us a favor. If he’d only burned ALL of it if he’d just finished the job…I swear we’d be better off today.

Which leads me to another article in “The Day” today New London Voters Facing 5 Questions on Election Day. I read the article but the Ackley thing was still rolling around in my head so I was happy when this got posted to Facebook and completed the whole thing for me.


Hummm….on Election Day mine is going to look like this


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