Anybody Got a Boat?

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I ended up working on that video for 2 more hours yesterday but it was worth it. The lady from the Customs House LOVED it! It made my hubby cry and, if I’m not mistaken, even my boss got a little misty-eyed over it when I showed it to him this morning. But, of course, I could be wrong about that…I need new glasses. Miss Rebecca loved it, people on FB said it was ‘very professional’. And each time I watch it I feel like ‘Brian’ at the end of “The Breakfast Club” and I just want to give myself a shot in the arm. πŸ™‚




Yep, she’s all painted and pretty.

Now to my need for a boat. The scaffolding is coming down Saturday. This may take one day or they may get it the majority of it done Saturday and then clean it up the rest of the way Monday/Tuesday. Anybody wanna take me for a short boat ride NEXT Saturday, September 20th? I’ll pay for the gas and even buy you a sandwich. If you happen to be docked at Burrs or A&W this will be a 20 minute trip. Hubby gets seasick so it’ll just be me. Anybody willing to take the aging red head for a ride????

I’d go and do it landlubber style but the, ah…..hummm….old woman…yeah that’s the ticket….the old woman who owns the Light Keeper’s House is a bit…hummm…..crotchety. Yeah. Another ticket. Let’s just say that if anyone should ever suggest something like using Eminent Domain (we’re good at that) to take the house from her and reunite the two properties I would vote in favor of such a suggestion. If there’s a public hearing and I could make further suggestions I fix that house, restore it to historical/museum condition and open it up for tours. Free to New London residents of course. Five bucks for everybody else. It’s a small house charging more than five bucks would be highway robbery. I’d cut back all of the verge and put in a period style garden, a small one nothing fancy. I’d put out a few really nice picnic tables where people could go and sit, eat their lunch, gaze at the water and just feel the incredible energy of the place. It’s a very serene spot. I wouldn’t allow swimming the beach area is just too small but if you’d like to drop a line in the water sitting on the rocks by the light house that’s fine by me. I might even vote to bulldoze the modern-style house next door for parking and a small gift shop. I’d definitely vote for having the land owned by The People of New London…not the freakin’ City. I’d have it preserved in perpetuity for them (and those tourists who’d like to pay to see the little house). It could be New London’s Serenity Park. It certainly wouldn’t cost much to keep up and we don’t have any Open/Free Space in South New London.

Yes. If someone were to come up with such a plan I’d vote for it.

Oh yeah, you with the boat; we may be needing it after the 20th. The tide is ‘riding high’ with the insurance company covering the accident so…yeah…along with 1-800-HAYMOND we may need to use the boat for a while.πŸ˜‰

I hope it’s a cabin cruiser.

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