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Well, let’s see…I turned in my CVS Extra Care Card today. It sucked on two counts; 1- I meant to do it sooner so that 2- I wouldn’t get another prescription filled there but…hubby had an ER visit this morning and ended up with more meds. The guy hasn’t been anywhere near ‘his old self’ since the accident. He’s been hobbling around here like an old man for weeks. More on that in a bit, right now let’s go back to CVS for a moment. My family has shopped there for 40+ years. We’ve been extremely loyal customers. My mother always made the special trip out to the New London Mall (the OLD New London Mall, that is) to get our prescriptions filled even though Rite Aid and Brooks were closer. That’s a habit that stuck with me until this afternoon. I’m all for people quitting smoking and/or not starting in the first place but I don’t like to patronize stores that deliberately step on any freedom to make a political point (or much of any point actually). It makes me feel as though my money is good enough for them but I am not. So hasta la vista CVS, it’s been fun.

On the upside I can stop making special trips to CVS and get my prescriptions filled at Stop & Shop while I shop and I can pick up all of my supplements/vitamins/health & beauty aids there too. BUT, I’ll probably start having my prescriptions filled at the new independent pharmacy that opened at the top of the street over the summer. It’s a nice little place and the people are very friendly. They never sold cigarettes to begin with so I don’t have to feel as though they’re trying to ‘shut me out’ or something like that. AND it’s local. Shop Small.

Back to hubby.

All I asked him to do was go outside on a nice chilly early fall day and check the riding mower so that I could cut the grass. He did. I went about my business and on my third turn around the yard saw him pushing the push-mower from the garage, past the deck, around the side of the house to out front where I had already cut. I thought; WTF? Then the clutch gave out on the rider. Then we came inside. Then he was in bad shape all night and this morning. From one…two at the most…turns around 3/4 of the house. Can’t walk. Can’t sit. Can’t lay. Up to the ER this morning. I had to drop him off because it was Letter Day at the office and those suckers had to be post-marked TODAY. He saw a doctor. He had more x-rays and nothing’s broken, thank the Gods! He needs to follow-up with his GP and get a orthopedist. The the GP gave him a follow-up appointment for Sept. 30th which I thought was odd but, hey, he’s the doctor. The GP also didn’t prescribe any physical therapy for him at their one and only visit which I also thought was odd having worked in a chiropractic office for 2 years. But…he’s the doctor.

Thankfully Miss Rebecca picked him up from the ER, brought him home and dropped off his prescriptions at CVS….grr…but, hey, she didn’t know. I picked them up, turned in my card, wondered WTF cost $22.50 with my insurance and see its generic Vicodin along with 800 mg of Ibuprofen…geez those things are horse pills! I get them home and hubby tells me GEICO has made a ‘final offer’ on the bike. It’s low. Very low. Too low. Way too low. Especially since they were supposed to ‘factor’ in the engine ($1,500.00) and the new header ($500.00).

We put in an email to John Haymond over the weekend and he answered the call just as we were discussing the offer and hubby’s injuries. Mr. Haymond is sending a representative of his firm to our house tomorrow evening. I hated to do it. I really did. I just wanted this whole thing to go smoothly and everybody do their part without being….slow…about things. Seems GEICO likes to try to make the claimant ‘sweat’ by not returning calls for at least a week at a time. That’s what really pissed me off in the end; slow and low. If that’s the way it’s going to go with the simple property claim I can just imagine the nightmare the bodily injury portion will be. Having worked in a law office for 8 years I’m finally ready to throw up my hands and say; Let the lawyer handle it.

Suffice it to say that by the end of the phone call I came away with several new understandings one of which was; Why, yes, Lisa you were right, your husband should have been in physical therapy this whole time. So, at my insistence, at the end of the call hubby called the orthopedist to see if he could get in sooner but was told he could be put on a waiting list. I had him call the one the ER suggested and he can probably get in by the end of the week or early next week. The ER directions do say to follow-up with GP and orthopedist in 2-4 days. We only called the first Ortho because he did hubby’s shoulder surgery all those years ago so, ya know, he knew him. It seemed logical. Then we called the GP and found out that his appointment on the 30th wasn’t to follow-up on his injuries it was for a regular physical exam. He can get in Wednesday for a ‘regular office visit’. I think I’m going to have to sit-in this time. I’m not sure this guy knows what he’s doing. I mean hubby went in covered in bruises and told the doctor all about the accident and the guy makes the next appointment for a physical? To what? Check his cholesterol? We have more immediate and apparent problems. The lack of physical therapy is starting to make sense to me and I may have to inquire as to changing GPs from this guy to someone who has a few gray hairs.

Any-hoo, those of you with the Super Secret Password will want to stay tuned. All posts regarding this portion of my life will be under the SSP from here on out.

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