Another Day

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Busy day after a busy night meeting with the lawyer for the first time.

Doctor’s appointment for hubby.

Drop off my car at the garage.

Go to the bank.

Go to work.

Get a cab down to the garage to pick up the car…turns out it was a busted brake hose was making the front driver’s side tire do this awful whomp-whomp-whomp thing making it feel like the tire was just going to work itself off and go down rolling down the road in front of me. I parked it weeks ago and have been taking hubby in to work ever since. Of course that means most of the time I had to pick him up and that I was at my job a half-hour early every day. Yeah, that’s a joy. Just, ya know, BTW, I didn’t get paid for it. And yeah, just, BTW, I didn’t leave early either. Just, ya know, throwing that out there. Here’s another thing I’m just tossing out there; if we still had the bike I wouldn’t have to do that. If one car is broken there are still two vehicles when we had the bike and the weather has been stellar lately. I’m sure we’ll take the other one down tomorrow to find out about the chug-chug-chug thing its doing. Who knows? We may have two vehicles that will make it through the winter! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Doctor’s appointment went…well. As far as those things go. I’d said earlier that hubby relayed to me this doctor was young. He has a gift for understatement. If this doctor has to shave every day I’ll eat my hat. Oh yeah and he looks like that dude from Star Trek: Into Darkness that, Benjamin…Benedict (that’s it, I love Google! LOL) Benedict Cumberbatch. Ok, fine, he looks more like Mr. Cumberbatch’s son to be honest with you. I know, we ain’t gettin’ no younger🙂

Nice guy. Nice office. Will blog in more detail on that subject under the Super Secret Password where I can just let it all hang out.

After picking up the car I went to the new independent drugstore at the top of the street and got hubby’s new prescriptions filled. I almost missed my opportunity when Dr. Cumberbatch asked where we wanted the scripts sent and hubby said; CVS on Ocean.

No, thought I, no way. “Excuse me, Dr. Cumberbatch, we’re switching drugstores….”

Do you know they filled it right in front of me while I waited. I would have been wandering around CVS a good 15 minutes but nope. I was in and out just like that. Of course that will change when/if people on my end of town decide not to go ‘all the way’ to CVS during cough/cold/flu season. I’m hoping their business picks up. They’re nice people.

I got an email today from CreateSpace. They changed my password. At first I thought it was crap but then I realized it wasn’t. Yes, along with 5 million other people, my gmail password was posted to the world by somebody in…Russia? I dunno. I do know I checked it out and the PW was so old I just kind of laughed over it. I guess CreateSpace didn’t think it was funny. Bummer. I had to change that too. It’s been a day of passwords for some odd reason. I’ve gone the extra distance and run all of ‘get the fuck out of here’ software on ye olde computer but it all came up empty. Weird.

The last load of books from CreateSpace for NEWS is on its way to me. If I make it there I’ll be at table 7 so I hope you’ll come say ‘hi’ to me. I say ‘if’ because I don’t think hubby can sit that long to make the drive. We had been thinking about renting a car because obviously ours aren’t the best in the world but unless it’s a Lincoln or something I just can’t see him being comfortable. Then he’ll have to sit there with me for 4 hours and he can’t sit for 15 minutes at a stretch. I looked in to taking the train but it’s $52.00! One way! For one person! Holy cow!!!! Kindly keep on mind that at the longest the trip is an hour and a half. Geez. So, I really don’t know how this is going to pan out. I know there are 3 people coming just to see me and I don’t want to disappoint them. I have a good deal of money invested in this too. The price for the table, the books I had to buy upfront, the swag. I was looking very forward to this. I mean, ya know, it’s my birthday and my very first public author signing. King Richard’s Faire is definitely out he’ll never be able to walk around there and enjoy himself so, if we go, it will just be for those 4 hours. If it looks like I won’t be able to make it I’ll post in plenty of time and although the organizer won’t refund your money I will.


Blame the unthinking woman with the SUV.

I sure do.

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    I really hope that Roy is feeling better soon! I’m more concerned with you disappointing yourself than any of us! Like you said, you did invest a lot in this…and it is your birthday…but you have to do what’s best for you and Roy! I’m sending positive thoughts that it all works out for you!😉

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