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Yes, I’m still alive!🙂

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything interesting and I really did mean to get to the Super Secret Password post–I still hope to–but Life got in the way again! Both of our vehicles are on their last legs. Mine isn’t going anywhere ever again. It needs a whole new brake system and it’s just not worth putting that kind of money into that car. And I must stop and say

Thank you

Because I do realize how lucky I’ve been driving that death trap around and not getting creamed or, at the very least, stranded on the side of the road somewhere. I do. Trust me, I never ever forget that there really is Someone looking out for me.

The Explorer is now firing on 3 rather than 4 cylinders so its only a matter of time before it dies completely. I’ve been continuing to drive hubby into work and going into the hall a half hour early without pay. We’ve been looking around for a decent used vehicle. With just a smattering of luck this weekend we’ll find one and get rid of my car. We’ll drive the Explorer until it croaks and then look for something to replace it. Oh! I’ve seen the most awesome Project Cars on Craigslist. An MG6. Some old Mustangs. A 1959 Ford Truck. A 1967 Ford Truck all decked out in psychedelic paint! Before I die I swear I’m going to have one of those. I’m going to all Gas Monkey/Counts Kustoms on it and make it totally SCH-WEET!

Oh well, dreaming is still free, right?

I finally got back to writing! Everything’s been so crazy and hectic, it’s just one thing after another after another and I haven’t had five minutes to breathe let alone write in over a month. These last few days I’ve been sitting here with Dr. Richard Mason and fleshing him out. This is going to be as good as I thought. It really is! I’ve discovered that writing fanfiction is quite easy compared to writing original fiction. No, it didn’t seem so at the time but as I go back over “Change of Heart” transforming Greg House into Richard Mason I realize how simple it was to write for a ready-built audience who already knows the characters you’re writing about. I didn’t have to do shit with Greg House, no back story until later in the story where I wanted to fill in and make House my own. Nope, I just assumed everyone knew everything they needed to about him and began the story. I quickly realized if I left it that way Richard Mason would be flat on the page while Hannah Rice soared. So we’re making him a fuller character and have finally finished fleshing him out quite well here in Chapter One. He’s very interesting now and much more complete. We got rid of House’s team and gave him a new setting, a new physical injury, a new but familiar history, and new but still familiar colleagues in the Mountain View Clinic.

We even posted a few paragraphs of our budding Master Piece for Teaser Tuesday. When doing these things I’m going to keep them on my site for a while so if you’re interested go on over to to check it out. You know, we’re even thinking of dedicating the trilogy to Greg House. What the hell? I figure if EL James can turn poorly written Twilight fanfiction into “Fifty Shades of Shit” we should be able to surpass that by a country mile run by Jesse Owens.

I’m starting to really like getting to know this guy. I hope you will too even though it’s quite different from the OF WAR Series. I originally wrote it for publication on the ‘House Boards’ which had a strict PG-13 Policy and I’m going to try to keep it that way though I suppose we’ll crack ‘R’ a time or two as we wander down the rabbit hole on this one. Of course that won’t apply when it comes time to rewrite the Crazy Love trilogy also starring Dr. Richard Mason. I love that stupid little trilogy and I think once it’s tweaked it will find a good audience even though it was originally written to deal with the…ah….tensions…that would have normally pervaded the A Brother’s Love trilogy. Yep, there are lots of parts in this storyline where we would have normally gone off the charts but, thanks to the House Boards the people who adored House & Hannah, we were unable to do so. Hence, Miss Julie was born to take care of the…overflow.

Anyway, both of them are pretty cool little series. Do you know I nearly stopped watching House, MD altogether once they were done? I did! And I LOVED House, MD. Funny how The Muse whispers for such a short time sometimes, isn’t it? Yes, I know the House & Hannah series isn’t ‘done’ we really did leave it hanging in favor of The Heart of War but I hope it will be all tied up with a pretty ribbon by the time we finish with the little touch-up and a little paint.

Who knows what’s after these six stories? Maybe something new about an ex-con who falls in the widow of the man he killed or something about that guy who had it all and lost it and is now homeless or maybe it will be Raven & Lenore. To tell you the truth, I’m just glad The Big Guy hasn’t abandoned me. I’m happy to follow wherever he leads once again.

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