Has It Been 10 Years Already

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I almost forgot.


When the year started I did remind myself that on October 27th my site would be 10 years old but then it slipped my mind until a few days ago. Then I started wondering what I should do to celebrate and the very natural answer seemed to be


I mean, you know, after all, Daughter of the Gods is what started the site to begin with so….why not bring it back?


Daughter of the Gods: Every New Beginning


Daughter of the Gods: Dark Illusions


Daughter of the Gods: Kisses in the Dark Vol. I


Daughter of the Gods: Tarnished Heroes


Daughter of the Gods: Kisses in the Dark Vol. II

Granted it’s not the whole series that’s way too much hassle but you will be getting 3 novels and…oh…not sure…12?…short stories for FREE and they will leave you off in a very good place. In fact, they’re going to leave you off where the series was supposed to end but it just kept on running for 3 or 4 more novels and another 12 or so short stories. Damn thing was like the Energizer Bunny! It just kept going and going🙂

Ares fans will get a very up close and extremely personal look at the God of War totally off the chain! I was never able to reel him in back then so he’s…umm…very rough and gruff and full of himself. While there are a lot of similarities, this is not the Ares you’ve become accustomed to through the OF WAR Series. So you’ve been warned. As usual, all stories are dark and adult. They not for the faint of heart or those who could never think outside the box of SG-1 Canon.

They’re all set to go. You’ll be able to have them for your Nook, your Kindle, or in PDF. I did NOT do any editing on them. Warts and All these stories are exactly as they appeared on the site all those years ago. I did redo the covers…I was so thrilled to find that rendition of the Stargate it really does remind of the one on Tiberia where our dear Danny first encounters Calla. Since I’d done the uniform covers for OF WAR 1 & 2 and OF WAR 4 & 5 I thought I’d just continue the theme with this! I think they came out fairly well. I went through Google and found our dear Calla, I couldn’t believe I’d dumped ALL of those pictures of her! I was so upset!!! Thank the Gods I remembered her name and when I typed it into Google out she ‘popped’😉

I did save some of the banners for the stories. Oh they’re horrible! Just awful compared to the graphics and book covers I make today. But I suppose we’ll put a few of them back on the site for our upcoming Retrospective. I even found some of the old htmls so I’ll be able to duplicate the look of the old pages if I want to.

I also found “Highlander; Forever” so……we’ll probably return that to the site as well just for shits n giggles.

We’ll have some prizes and trivia contests October 27th thru November 4th. The site was conceived on October 27th but born on November 4th. My only problem now is waiting. I’m like a kid at Christmas I just want to throw it all up there and let people have at it but we really should wait until at least October 1st to return the stories. Then we can do a month-long thing with them and have the actual celebration the last week of the month. Yes, I am hoping it will bring some new people in–ones that don’t necessarily have to have everything for free–but mostly I’m doing it for the ‘Old Timers’ who have stuck with me through thick and thin. We had a lot of both! I can’t wait to see how long it takes for this to get posted to JournalFen or similar site. I’m sure the sharks will get wind of it pretty quickly.

Should be fun! Especially now that I’m much older and more established.🙂

Don’t worry, they’ll be able to come in and read about themselves when I post the retrospective. They always did love reading about themselves….LOL. I’ll be sure to include a link to that ‘lovely’ thread on JournalFen wouldn’t want to leave that out it was such an important part of getting the site started after all. We’ll find out how many of them have changed and how many have stayed exactly the same. I’m sure I’ll get a few nasty ‘reviews’ on my original novels because some of them just can’t help themselves.

Oh well, we’re going to have some with them, without them, or in spite of them.

10 years! Wow. Time really does fly. I hope you’ll come and enjoy our little celebration.

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