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Lots to report today.

Let’s see….first, on Saturday we drove around and around in Nikki’s car and went through the agonizing processing of replacing my car. We looked at 3 SUV type vehicles and finally settled on this one



It’s a 2002 Explorer with, I dunno, 160 or 180k on it. We picked it up for $2,500. It’s in nice shape. It’s big and has 3rd row seating. Hubby is going to get it registered today and maybe tomorrow I can stop coming into work anywhere from a half hour to a full hour early! That would be nice, I’d like that.🙂 We bought it from a private owner after realizing what a rip-off dealerships can be these days. We saw a vehicle almost exactly like this one on a lot and they wanted $8,000 for it plus they wanted us to finance it at 15% (no credit check needed) and pay $95.00/week. That’s almost $400.00/month. I could lease a BMW for that. So let’s hope it’s a good vehicle and serves us well for many years to come. If nothing else it was made in this millennium! LOL

On Sunday I woke up to very sad news, my friend passed away. I couldn’t believe what I was reading in my Facebook feed as I sipped my coffee. I knew she had been fighting a disease for a long time but she seemed to be fine. She’d been on FB just a few hours before posting screen caps of horror movies she was watching and ask everybody to guess the movie. She was looking so forward to the class reunion and she was the only one who bought a ticket. It was very surreal. I hadn’t seen her since the 10 year reunion but we kept in touch on FB and I really enjoyed reading her posts. She was the one who always made someone laugh no matter how bad things were or how bad she was feeling she could always make you smile. The last post she made to me was if the reunion was canceled to keep the money and send her signed copies of my books she was on the last one. I’ll miss her. So many of our classmates are gone already gone too soon and too young. Unreal. RIP in Cher, tell Donna, Charlie, Corey, James and so many others ‘hi’ for me.

Yesterday I worked on the site getting it ready for the 10th Anniversary. I was surprised to find almost all of the old graphics and started making ‘retro’ pages for DOTG. Ya know, I might go back to that lay out! I found all of my awards and put them up. I fixed the covers a bit.






I added a few more but I’m not sure they’ll stay. We’ll see.





Those are more for Ares’ fans as you can probably tell😉 But they did win awards so I thought I might throw them out there as bonus stories. I got the Site Retrospective up and running too.

Last but not least, NEWS. Last count was 42 tickets sold. And I have to pay $10.00 to get on the WiFi. If you’re reading this and you bought a ticket to come see me please say something here! With the accident and the new vehicle (which hasn’t been checked out and I don’t know if it will make it to MA) and, well, Life. I just don’t know how feasible this is anymore. We’d have to rent a car which we were going to do anyway but with the expense of buying this one it makes it a little tight. It’s a 3 hour round trip and 4 hours to sit there. Hubby still can’t sit for long stretches of time and with a small crowd like that I’m sure he’ll be bored out of his mind. I might be too! I hate to back out after putting so much into it but I had to throw good money after bad too. It is my birthday I’d really rather not have it turn into a 7 hour let down. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place on that one. If you have any advice now is definitely the time to throw it out here.

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  1. If I were there I’d come and pick you up… Wouldn’t mind a day away

  2. Yes, I got my tickets…but I already told you to do what’s best for you! I was looking forward to it, but I’d be just as happy to do a road trip to CT to have a birthday drink with you!

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