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The New England Writers Signing is a day and a half away and I think I’m ready! Not that it was easy to pull all last-minute things together at, well, the last minute! LOL

I checked out the group on FB and saw the things everyone was posting then I realized my table was going to be a bit lackluster so I ran out to the store and bought a pretty red/maroon cloth for it. I put that basket together and then added a nice little Burt’s Bees care pack and a pint bottle of 100 Proof Southern Comfort. I really wanted to get Cherry Southern Comfort but they didn’t have it in a pint😦

Today I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics because I discovered I actually have a fairly perfect pendant with which to replicate Alena’s wedding necklace so I thought I’d do that BUT Jon-Ann’s no longer sells gem stones just glass and beady stuff so that got nixed. Bummer. I did manage to get two really cool mini-rose plants to go on the table


Pretty, huh? They’re gonna look really SCH-WEET next to the black sword! OK, it’s not a broadsword but I do own two Katanas and one antique sword from India. I’m taking the Katana in the black sheath with me and hoping no one wants to arrest me for bringing a ‘weapon’ across state lines.


It’s a little sharp, it could do some damage if you swung it really hard but mostly it’s just decoration. I also gathered up some of my stones to bring with me so between the roses will be


Yeah, I know, ‘create’ is a little burned. What can I say? It’s one of my incense holders. Sue me🙂

I also found some of my other worded stones so I’m bringing ‘harmony’, ‘smile’, ‘kindness’ and of course ‘strength’ with me to remind me to do/be all of those things while I’m there. I have a couple of non-worded ones I’m bringing too. Call them ‘good luck charms’ if you like. Other than hubby the biggest ‘good luck charm’ I’m bringing is


It’s a single book-end that belonged to my grandfather and one of the few very small items I took from his house after my aunt died. I looked everywhere for the other book-end and couldn’t find it! Yes, I know, it needs a little dusting before we go. I’m taking it because I realized I require signage. I do. If I have signage I need a few things to hold it up some people can see it. It will be propping this up


Well…what do you think?

I have a brass stand for this


I think I’ll let the ‘smile’ stone hold in place…hehehe. Yep, everyone who stops by my table and who wants one will get a FREE copy of “Christmas Eve on Olympus” the Special NEWS Edition as it has the first 5 chapters of “The Heart of War” and “Child of War-A God is Born”. Oh, ok, it’s not FREE free….people have to sign up for the mailing list to get it. I don’t think that’s horrible and they can always unsubscribe whenever they want. Yep, I made a sign-up form for it.

Oh yeah and I made these too






Each one has been laminated along with the big articles on me and the series that appeared in The Romance Reviews EMag. Not too bad, huh? I’ll put one in front of each small stack of books so people can get an idea. And, yes, each QR Code is different. I didn’t want to do it but it seems QR Codes are popular with the younger crowd and I have the sneaking suspicion I’m going to be the Old Lady in the group. I don’t wanna look to ‘uncool’. LOL

Now I just hope that the PayPal credit/debit card reader-thingy actually works. I’ve never tried it out. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of use out of it on Saturday. I also made up Purchase Orders for anyone who pays by check or, should The Big Guy truly smile upon me, I sell out and have to take orders for a while. Yeah, I know…I know….

Keep dreamin’!

I’m bringing the Red Sox baseball cap I always tell people about when I do blog hops and yes it’s going to hold the raffle tickets for the basket.

Oh yeah and let’s not forget the big six foot banner that will hang on the front of the table


All in all, I think my table will be very appealing. I hope it stacks up to what the other authors are doing because I’ve done most of this over the last 48 hours and I’ll tell you after this I’m gonna need a freakin’ vacation! Even though we’re not going to King Richard’s Faire because hubby won’t be able to walk around that much I may still take Monday off work just to sleep and breathe.

Wish me luck everyone! I’m sure I’ll be posting on FB as Saturday progresses and if I have the energy I’ll make a post over here with pics on Sunday or maybe Monday but if I sell out it’ll definitely be Saturday night…hahahaha.

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  1. I’m so excited for you! You should take pictures before anyone gets there, them at the end of the day…I bet there will be a huge difference! 😃

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