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Strange title, huh?

Yeah…I know but….hear me out then pause, think for a few minutes, and then feel free to let me know what you think.

Here we go.

It’s Political Season again. Woot! (OY!) All I ask of you, my friend, is to hang in there with me for about another month. I don’t care who you are or what your political slant is just freakin’ hang in there with me! Please?

If your TV/Radio/Facebook Feed/Email is anything like mine you are currently being absolutely bombarded by political bullshit. The real problem is, you and I bothy know it just gets worse from here right on up to Election Day.

Oh my Gods! This is just awful. It sucks. I hate it. Truly, I do. In Aunty Moon Land corporations will not be people, PACs won’t exist, you’ll have to run on your merit (cough…choke) and you’ll be limited to 3 ads per day per TV/radio station and publication. You can go On The Road all you like. Kiss babies. Shake hands. Wave from the caboose of a train. Debate. Cut ribbons. Go door-to-door…yourself. Have fun meeting John Q. Public, Jane Doe, and Joe Average. Should be a blast for you. You may NOT totally take over two to three months every few years.

That’s right…You Are NOT Christmas😉

Stick to the issues. Yes, if you know something about The Other Guy that s/he is hiding and I should know and you can PROVE it by all means throw it out there. If you can’t…shut the hell up. Think before you speak.

Here in the Great State of Connecticut we get to vote for another Governor in November. I have my choice between these two moro—Shining Examples of Civil Price….ahhh…Pride. (Yeah, that’s the ticket. Shining Examples of Civil Pride….anybody know how to do the Heimlich maneuver? I’m about to choke to death. Help!)


Tom Foley and Dannel Malloy

****SIDE NOTE PLEASE SKIP IF YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN…There’s another EXACT photo as the above but there’s a suspicious sprawl of…red lines…on Tom Foley’s nose. I tried to find it today and it’s gone! I Googled “Malloy vs Foley” YESTERDAY for the work website and it popped on Google’s front page. I was kind. I saw it, went ‘whoa’ and refused to use it because I thought it might be a little prejudicial, no joke there. None. Today…poof….gone. Just sayin’. That’s all. Just sayin’. ****END SIDE NOTE.

To be totally honest with you I can’t stand either one of these snide little pricks. I hate them both almost equally but I’m an American so it’s the 51% that wins out and will force me to fill in a little circle for Governor Malloy. Yes, I’m being “taxed to death”…I realize that, truly I DO! BUT it’s better than becoming Foley’s Indentured Servant. Not to mention the last two Governors we had (both Republicans) one of which I often to referred to here to ‘Nazi Grandma Rell’ and the other was just convicted.

Oh bother.

Yep such is life here in The Nutmeg State. Whoo-hoo.

Lucky me.

Then there’s that, ya know, Fundamental Difference between (going by the actual definitions the words here and NOT the hysteria/false information/total bullshit out there) ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’. Look them up if you don’t know the dictionary definitions I don’t have time for a Vocab Lesson.

I’m ‘Liberal’. I am. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Now to the Cats part of our little post.

Monday I went outside for a smoke at work. I was standing there having my Kool when I looked down and looked twice and then looked closer. Sure enough there was a kitten laying in the tall grass just at the corner of the property. Behind my place of work there is a very small wooded patch that often attracts stray mother cats and often I can see kittens. I didn’t see any last year except Little Maggie who was quite a bit older than this white kitten with patches of gray on its back. The year before there was at least six of them all long haired tigers. They were freakin’ gorgeous! I wanted one but one day they just disappeared…poof.

I called for the little kitten and it looked at me but eventually ran off. (I have a tendency to rush the whole You Can Trust Me thing.) It hung around on the very tiny slope of the very tiny wooded patch and ventured into the patch after it but the kitten found a good hiding place.

It rained hard last night.

Today I brought a can of tuna to work and scooped a little into a dish that I put near the steps. I soon realized I needed to put it closer to the wooded patch so I did and then I went about my work. On my second smoke the kitten was back and devouring the tuna. I gave it the remainder of the half & half in the fridge. It drank all of it and hung around within sight of the back door but not close to it for the rest of the day at the end of which I moved the dish to the short grass by the picnic table but not too close and I gave it the rest of the tuna.

I will bring another can to work tomorrow and put it a bit closer to the door. I’ll do the same on Friday. I may even do it on Saturday so the poor thing doesn’t think I’ve abandoned it. I’ll do this until the kitten trusts me enough to let me pet it, pick it up and bring it home where it will have a very nice and loving life. I will do this even though right now there is a black male kitten at the Animal Shelter waiting for adoption and I really want it. I will do this even in spite of the fact that I have two cats already. One of which, Miss Luna, has finally decided that we’re OK and will now let us pet her and she wants to sleep with us.

Why would I do this when others would just see a stray, turn it aside, and maybe even consider it ‘ok’ to ‘put it out of its misery’? After all, it’s just another unwanted creature.

Because that kitten, that stray, has absolutely no one. Not a single soul in this world. Not even an Animal Control Officer to offer it food, comfort, and love. No one to help it see a better way, a better day, a better life, and to ease its fears letting it know that despite everything its been through it can all work out just fine.

But it takes ME to do that for another living creature and it takes you too.

All of my life my mother accused me of ‘taking in strays’. ALL of my life. Every stray cat/kitten, dog, bird (usually wild and wounded), and/or person that ever came along showing signs of being a misfit/damaged/in need of help I attempted to, well, adopt in my own way. As far as she was concerned I was often a “bum magnet”. I still am.

Although once in a great while I have been burned/bitten by said strays and bums, on the whole I’ve been rewarded by them in the end. A cat that loves a lifetime. A wild bird that flies off capable under its own power, a puppy whose master I found, or a person I helped to see was more than the sum of their banged up parts.

No, not exactly the riches of the wealthy yet still better. More satisfying than any yacht or vacation home or millions stashed away in a tax free off-shore account earning tax free interest.

If that means I have to pay more in taxes to help those who need it because others are greedy and can see only what benefits them rather than knowing how to share and to do what’s right for the whole and not just what’s best for themselves…then that’s what it means.

I can’t change that fact. All I can is live with it and, in so doing, live the best most soul enriching life that I can.

So I’ll vote for Malloy and hope for the best but not too hard.

I’ll keep feeding that poor lonely kitten until it trusts me enough to let me take it home, shower it with love, and give it a whole new life.

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  1. Amen !!! 😃

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