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Earlier this year we adopted a female cat after Charlie suddenly disappeared.


Miss Luna/Looney or Missy Cat….take your pick she never really answers to anything even though she came with the name Luna.

Admittedly, the cat had a hard life, she’s got a sob story that would make any of her heroins lives look like a cake walk. The story goes she was left behind in an apartment when the tenants moved out and found by the landlord several days later. Landlord took her in but couldn’t keep her. A friend of the landlord took her in but couldn’t keep her. A friend of ours took her in, she had kittens who were all adopted leaving Miss Luna alone and….you guessed it….the friend couldn’t keep her. Whatever happened to this cat in or before it got to that apartment I don’t know. She’s pretty and she comes with a back story and even though it was against my better judgment to open my home to a female cat we took her in.

She spent the first few weeks hiding around the house but it didn’t take her too long to want to go outside in the summer sun. So she did. She quickly grew accustomed to the neighborhood and came and went several times a day.



She would spend hours outside. Hours. Then she’d race to the door, scratch like hell until I let her in then she’d zip down to the basement to the litter box.


Yeah it took her quite a while to learn that it was ok to pee and poop outside. (I think Harry must have laughed at her one day or something.) Yet, she wouldn’t do her business just anywhere. No, she insisted on using the patch where the toilet sat for several years. A nice big ring of soft dirt…the perfect outdoor kitty box.

Oh well, at least she was going outside.

One night I climbed into bed only to find my side had been peed upon. That’s gross! I stripped the bed, found interim blankets, washed the other ones and thought maybe Harry had an accident. He’s old. He’s got a bum leg. It happens. Then, one night as we laid in bed watching TV Luna jumped into the pile of dirty laundry, wiggled her butt, and yep, started peeing right there as she stared at us defiantly. Hubby threw her outside for the night. Over the course of the summer the bed was peed on once more and the couch 3 times.

Then…it stopped. For months. No idea why. None at all. I was just glad that it did.

Monday I was making dinner when I thought I got the faint whiff of cat poop. I looked all around for it and didn’t see anything. I figured it was just me. I finished dinner. Tuesday I was making dinner when I smelled the same thing but stronger. I got down on all fours, opened cabinets, opened the pan drawer under the stove, sniffed, looked, and hunted.


Wednesday I was making dinner and smelled it again but only right in the corner by the stove. I looked over and noticed the recipes in my clay pot had water stains. For a second I thought that was an odd place for a leak, right under the cabinets and all. Then I realized it wasn’t water. The whole pot was full of cat piss! Recipes ruined, dry packets of garlic dip floating in old urine and pot holders soaked in it. I nearly screamed. I threw everything out except the little muffin tine tucked in the clay pot and the clay pot, it’s a really nice pot–a clay dutch oven type of a thing. I put that in the dishwasher and cleaned the whole area.

Thursday I went to get something and the little tin bread pan inside the clay pot was full of urine! I thought maybe I’d missed that the day before although I didn’t see how.

Friday…no problem.

Saturday…no problem.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that was because Miss Luna spent Friday and Saturday nights outside. I knew I didn’t want to take in a female cat. I never have these problems with males. Ever. Harry has never once pissed where he wasn’t supposed to not in all 14 years of his life neither did Ozzie or Hercules or any of them. It’s just the girls. Even when they’re not pissing on something they’re very temperamental. I almost didn’t take in Little Maggie because of it but, as briefly as she was with us, even she didn’t pee in the house.

Yesterday I ripped the corner apart, took everything out of it! I bleached and double bleached and let the bleach just sit there. Then I washed the pots again and put them in cupboards. I rearranged the area so it wouldn’t look like a convenient cat box. I called both cats in last night, well I only meant to get Harry but Luna looked so dejected when I wouldn’t let her in that I did.

About four o’clock this morning she started meowing in my ear and nuzzling me. It’s 4am, I’m not getting up! There’s a perfectly CLEAN cat box in the basement. It’s filled with the same litter I’ve been using for months.

Sure enough, I went down to the kitchen this morning and the counter was covered with it. She was eating at her bowl, looked at me as I screamed; “YOU BITCH!” then I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, put her face all in it and tossed her out the door! Then I cleaned it all up again!

It’s a shame. Miss Luna has finally come around and is wanting to snuggle and be pet here and there. She’s a very beautiful cat and soft as a rabbit. I hate to add another sad chapter to her book but if she doesn’t stop doing this I won’t have another option except to make her an outdoor cat. With winter coming on I don’t want to do that.

So….if anyone out there has any suggestions as to what her problem is and how to make her knock it the hell off I’m all ears. If anyone wants a beautiful but snobby and pissy cat…let me know that too. Free to good home.

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