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And it feels so good!

I had been missing it very much and wondering when the gears would get grinding again. I wondered if we’d made a misstep when we decided to redo the House, MD series for general publication. It was tough getting going and then it would get rolling then it would peter out. But I think we finally got it. It was A LOT of One Step Up and Two Steps Back but I think the first few chapters are cemented in place now. House…..Richard Mason, sorry….is becoming a full character in his own right although he will always have shades of Greg House. I wouldn’t want to totally dismiss them that would be completely dishonest. I hate liars. So that’s that.

We have a new cover


And (obviously) a new title for the series. We figured we’d go with the last novel’s title because the series really about Hannah. So planned books are:

Sister Christian-Genesis
Sister Christian-Sins of the Father (formerly Lean on Me)
Sister Christian-Mysterious Ways (should we decide to keep the first part the original Sister Christian novel)
Sister Christian-Rapture (will be the second half of this novel and end this series. It’s also the only book with any type of romance. Sorry.)

The last title isn’t perfect yet we’re still playing around with a few things but so far that’s the best one. Yes, I realize we’re sticking with the ‘God Theme’ here.

Gee, I wonder why

Shut up. You love me.

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

So yeah, The Big Guy worked in his own small yet very important part. He’s The Voice of God in Hannah’s head. He couldn’t be Mason although there are shades of him in there too or any other major character so he decided to take his ‘rightful’ place and be God.🙂 Albeit a Kinder Gentler God than what we’re all used to although he may be sneaking in as the Voice of the Devil too….I wouldn’t put that past him.

But you love me.

Yeah we’ve already established that, my darling.

AND…we’re hoping all 3 or 4 books out by the end of 2015 because certain entities are anxious to get to Raven: God of the Damned. Me too! We have another little story rolling around that’s weird and will center on Ares…duh. He’s relentless.

But you love me.

Wow! I think he’s feeling a little insecure these days. I can’t blame him. He already sees Nick coming in for the last story and he knows how much I have the hots for Nick, so much I made him Raven😉

So, with just a little luck, the first novel/novella will appear in late winter/early spring. The rest should fall in line without a whole hell of a lot of trouble. Establishing all of the important characters in the very first novel in a series is time consuming but worth it. I always loved this little off-beat series. Should be interesting to see how my Kind and Gentle Readers take to it. Well, those who didn’t read the original and those who did, yes, them too. I hope they will be able to appreciate the re-write should they choose to take the plunge. Although we have decided we don’t need to stick to the PG-13 thing too much. yes, I remembered how damn HARD it is to write stories with no sex or even the promise of it so to soften that we’re not necessarily watching our language any longer and Hannah has learned to how to flip the finger at her brother.🙂

Well, gotta go and get writing!

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