Getting There

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Slowly but surely on a lot of counts we are getting there!

There’s less than a week to go in the mid-term elections! WOOT! Of course the bad news there is the ads will run nearly 24/7 from here to the finish line BUT then we’ll get our TVs and radios back. In the end, no matter who wins what, not a damn thing will change. Seems like an awful lot of fuss and wasted money for very little public reward to me.

“Sister Christian” is getting much closer to ‘The End’. In fact, I have every reason to believe we’ll actually make it there by the end of Sunday. I can’t believe how much steam this thing has picked up but I am very glad for it! I was writing away yesterday, going backward and going forward and I got to one part and read it and re-read it and went; WTF? I know I wrote something else…where is it???

It wasn’t in the first book. It wasn’t in the second book and by the time I opened the third book to look for it I nearly convinced myself I was crazy and I’d never written that particular passage at all. Man, I hate it when that happens🙂 BUT I did find it in the third book so I moved it to the first where it serves the story better. I also grabbed the prologue of the second book and made it a chapter in this one. I’d forgotten we didn’t even describe Hannah’s accident until the second book so now it’s here in the first one and I think it helps make Hannah a little fuller character. I hope.

The other day I was snuggled in bed falling off to the arms of Morpheus when I heard; Now I lay me down to sleep


Now I lay me down to sleep

OK….I pray the Lord my soul to keep and if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take.

I swear him I SAW him smile and nod his head. Yep, once a Catholic always a Catholic.


But I got the point. A few small things were missing from the way our friend Hannah would conduct her life. Things like praying. Duh. So we went back and worked that in. We wrote an awesome little scene with her wanting to go to church and Mason telling her he has crackers and wine in the fridge.🙂

We’re about 70 pages from ‘The End’ and I think, when all is said and done, we’ll have a story that around 95,000 words. Nothing too large or too long for Today’s Audience.

I still have no idea how we’ll market it or who will even review it. It’s not ‘romance’ it’s not ‘paranormal’ it’s….just a little story. There aren’t many places left in this world or on ye olde internet for plain and simple stories. But you can read more about my opinion on that on Friday when my last guest post for the year appears on Romancing the Book.

The cover for “Kingdoms of War” in this month’s InD’Tale Cover Contest.


This is the last time I will appear on their site due to changes in their policy so if you’re of a mind to vote for it I’d appreciate it.

Now I gotta scoot and get off to work. After that I simply MUST get Halloween candy! I haven’t even put out my decorations this year I’ve been so busy and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don’t want to miss it completely.

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