Election Day-It’s Over

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That’s the good news. That and those damn ads won’t be blaring at us nearly 24/7 anymore….YEAH! Other than that, it all kinda sucks. The American People voted for two more years of gridlock..woot-woot. Dumbasses. Seriously. Idiots. They voted against women and equal pay and equal rights but boy-howdy they got religion. Don’t know what religion anymore but they got it. Oh yay.

Let’s forget the National Scene because we all know we’re absolutely positively and hopelessly stalled for the next two years. I hope you like your income level and your station in life because it is not going to get any better.

Let’s talk about my little area of the world for a while.

Dannell Malloy is still Governor of the Great State of Connecticut but it was a close race. I voted for him. Didn’t do it with much confidence or any shred of pride but I voted for him. It’s always the lesser of two evils. Well, except when it comes to Joe Courtney (my Representative) I always feel good about voting for him. He’s the only guy I can say that I actually like, I’d have a cup of coffee with the man, and who gets the job done. I think he actually likes the people he represents and that is a very rare thing. Better than Hopkins-Cavangh anyway. I know I have some gun enthusiasts here…hi, how are ya today? But that woman wanted to give away a gun as a ‘door prize’ at her rally here in downtown New London. 1-who gives away a frickin’ ‘door prize’ at a political rally to begin with? And…a gun? Nice. Yes, they were going to make sure the winner could legally possess a firearm after the fact, that sure was swell of them, but still…tacky. Just the idea of a ‘door prize’ alone was tacky. I couldn’t vote for her obviously she spends too much time on blog hops and trying to win shit on the internet to have come up with that idea.

The largely non-homeowning non-tax paying residents of the City of New London were kind enough to vote in favor of raising taxes on those of who do own homes here by between 25%-38%. Of course it was done under the beleaguered rallying cry of ‘It’s For the Children’. Yeah, no, it wasn’t. If the City of New London cared about its children it might learn how to repair and maintain buildings. It might. BUT…no. That’s a physical impossibility in this town. I’m talking about the new high school but it’s not really a ‘high school’ it’s yet another magnet school. Another one. Yes, we are the only ‘all magnet school district’ in the Great State of Connecticut. That means we get to educate other people’s kids. People who like to say that their kids goes to school in New London but who live in towns like Stonington where you couldn’t find a poor person if you stood on the corner with a hundred-dollar bill begging somebody to take it. So this is nice for them. Not so good for us. BTW, parents in the City of New London have a hard time getting their kids into the magnet schools of their choice because it’s all done by ‘lottery’. I call bullshit on that but who cares?

Now we’re going to build a new “Leadership” High School.

Go ahead laugh. I’ll wait for you to get it out.

It’s true the old New London High School is pretty much falling down. It has been since I went there…30 years ago. But that’s because no one knows how to turn a wrench anymore since we all have to be ‘leaders’ and go to college and start our lives 50,000 in debt. Besides, this is New London and this is what we do; we allocate the money, we bulldoze, we build, then we walk away and let what we just built go to shit on its foundation so we can start the process all over again.

I voted against building the new school and against rebuilding Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School which once was New London Junior High and was torn to shit and rebuilt not that long ago. I also voted against the Education Budget because I’m waiting for these other towns to start sending checks. Why should I pay to educate kids that don’t live here? It’s not like there’s a plethora of magnet schools outside New London where we could send our kids. There’s a couple but certainly nothing like what we have with every single school in the city being a magnet school. Personally, I think the State should pick up the tab for the whole thing. If you don’t have a headache already you can try this article Can Connecticut Afford School Choice but you want to take a Tylenol or something now to prevent the headache you’ll surely have after reading the article.

I don’t understand why past leaders were so incredibly short-sighted in thinking this was a good idea in the first place. Then again these are/were the same people who enjoyed flushing money down the toilet on beautification/fountains/art/murals instead of infrastructure. These are the people who spend millions of dollars building the “Waterfront Park” (a long slab of concrete along the shore in downtown) because that was going to attract people to the city. If the view wasn’t of Pfizer and EB that might have worked but still probably not. Let’s not forget the recent allocation out of the blue of a million dollars for Riverside Park. Money we were told we didn’t have when it came to things like sidewalks, yes I’m still waiting for mine. 50 years and I’m still waiting even though the City Charter says sidewalks are to be replaced every 25 years.

Yes, I even voted against the so-called sidewalk money because it’s not going to be used to fix anything it’s actually being allocated to raise our credit score so that we have a ‘cushion’ that they’ll spend on some other egghead project that will have nothing to do with fixing the problems this city faces but it sure will be as pretty as it is unnecessary. You can bet your bottom dollar on that one. By now I’m just waiting for someone to trip, fall, and breaking their damn neck on the sidewalk outside my house. I will be able to show a clear 50 year pattern of knowing and open neglect by the city in relation to that sidewalk and I hope the person who falls sues them for every dime…every last little penny in their coffers. We’ll see how much they like their fountains and murals then.

BUT, the good news is….someone who I really don’t care for too much posted that she was considering actively soliciting non-profits to buy her property. Hey, my neighborhood is zoned for business and I have a 1/4 acre of land that would make an awesome parking lot. In fact, it will fit right in with the new decor of the community given to us by L&M and their parking lot. That means my neighbors (who I’d hate to do this to, I really would) would be unable to complain since the City already allowed precedent to be set. They’d just have to live with whatever non-profit moves in. Goodwill, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, methadone clinic…whatever.

After I sell my house to the highest non-profit bidder, I think I’ll look in to the territories. You know Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Philipines. That way I can still say I’m an American without having to consider myself an Amurican. Get it? Other than that Canada looks nice. Sweden. Switzerland. New Zealand is freakin’ gorgeous! I’d like to give that a shot. Truly I would not mind that at all. Besides, it would be good for me to get out and see the world.

All the Gods know I’ve had my fill of this crappy corner of it. There’s got to be bigger and better out there somewhere.

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