Life Tips from Aunty Moon

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I’d like to share some sage advice with the class today.

Parents, do you want your child to be successful? If you answered ‘no’ you can either skip to the next part of this post or you can do everything I’m about to tell you not to do. Your choice. If you answered ‘yes’ read on.

1-Do NOT drive your child–who is over the age of 18–to a job interview unless you’re going to sit in the car and wait. Certainly do NOT come in to the interview, impose yourself upon the process, and proceed to interrogate the prospective boss.

2-Do NOT make repeated phone calls to or just simply & repeatedly stop by the prospective place of employment to check on things for your adult child.

3-Do NOT get all bent out of shape when a prospective place of employment doesn’t call YOU back to answer your multitude of inane questions even though you’ve called a dozen times in 48 hours.

4- Do NOT get all huffy when a place of employment either doesn’t immediately or outright refuses to write a letter of reference on your adult child’s behalf. Especially not when said adult child never worked a single day for said place of employment.

5-When said adult child manages to land a job (despite your best efforts to the contrary as outlined above) do NOT drive them to the hiring process unless you’re going to sit in the car and wait. Again, don’t interrogate the boss, correct the boss, or otherwise try to impose your wisdom on a boss/company that isn’t interested in hiring YOU.

6-Do NOT drive your adult child to their first day of work and decide to ‘hang out’ for the day.

If you are unable to follow 1-6 DO get used to your adult child living with you well into adulthood. I don’t mean 20-25 I mean from today until the day you die. No place of employment wants to hire someone who is seen as a Mama’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl because it gives the impression that person cannot handle his/her own life and if they can’t do that they probably aren’t going to be much good as an employee. I know you want your adult child to get a job…we all do…but micromanaging the process is probably not the way to go. I know it’s hard but step back and let them be adults. Sink or swim, if they’re intelligent, they’ll something useful either way.

Have a little faith. Quit hovering.

OK that’s the end of today’s Parenting Tips From Aunty Moon.

When calling a company/doctor’s office/lawyer’s office/whatever to see until what time someone will be there and they say; “We’re here until X o’clock”. That means they LEAVE at X o’clock. The place is closed. Bye-bye.

1-DO NOT walk into the door of said place of business at exactly one minute before X o’clock–especially do not do this when you called 3 hours before to see what time the place closes.

2-Do NOT be surprised when the office is already shut down except for the lights.

3-Do NOT whine and insist someone take care of you.

4-IF someone is kind enough to take care of you realize they may not be getting paid to do this for you so, please, do NOT make a habit out of this behavior.

5-DO plan your travel time better for your subsequent visits. Try planning on arriving anywhere from 20 to 15 minutes before X o’clock.

That ends today’s Life Tips From Aunty Moon. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Suzanne Geer

    BWAHAHAA!!! Except that really, because it’s true, it’s also very very very sad…..

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