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I got “Sister Christian-Genesis” back from my first volunteer beta reader….thank you Donna!!! I went over all of her corrections and, in doing so, added in a few touches here and there. Then I did a spell/grammar check on it. There’s nothing more boring or beneficial as I fixed a few more errors and added in a few more touches. The second beta reader….hi Cathy! Should have her file back to me by the end of the week. I’ll go over her thoughts and notes and make more adjustments as needed. With a little help from Donna I went with the original ending so that means “Sins of the Father” is already 8 chapters ahead of the game…Woot!

I think, for the most part, its done! I know that because 1-I’ve been pissy for days and that always happens at the end of a project, 2-I actually formatted it for print last night, and 3-today I feel pretty damn good about it.🙂

Now comes the hard part. It’s NOT coming to Kindle. Not this way anyway. When the series is done I’ll ‘bundle it up’ into a ‘boxed set’ and make it a Kindle Exclusive. If any Kindle user just can’t wait that long they’ll be able to buy them in autographed copies from my site. Maybe from Smashwords–not autographed–but that’s still up in the air.

I’m actually going back to my roots and “Genesis” will arrive on my site in signed paperback editions in time for Black Friday. It will hit Amazon in print on December 17th. It will hit Nook on January 1st and be available in autographed Kindle editions on the same date.

As for promo…I’m stumped. I’ll throw out a notice to my mailing list and post in most of the usual places but none of my regular reviewers/bloggers read this type of thing. They all do ‘romance’ and this is being billed as A Very Different Kind of Love Story (people won’t understand, they’ll think it’s “Flowers in the Attic”! hahaha). Of course, there’s nothing ‘paranormal’ about this story. I don’t even know where to go looking for blogs/sites to do promo and, at this time of year, I won’t have much time to put a big push behind it. I’ll check out the review depot on Manic Readers later today and see if I can find a place there that will review an off-beat mainstream novel. Like the OF WAR Series I knew this would be a hard-sell when I decided to rewrite it and put it up for public consumption. I’m not even sure what categories to select on Amazon and Nook other than ‘fiction’. LOL

With any luck it will find its way to a handful of people who will enjoy it. Cross your fingers and light a candle for me on that one, please.

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