Making the Cut

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Well I did it.

I cut almost all ties with Kindle. I still have three books there two of them are ‘exclusives’ until the end of this month and the other is “Christmas Eve on Olympus”, it’s always been a throw-away story. Just fluff and fun so it can stay for now. I’ll leave the 1&2 Combo Pack with them for now but 4&5 will disappear December 25th (we’ll be having a sale on those two Black Friday through Christmas Eve…just so you know)

Paperbacks are still available on I figure leaving the paperbacks leaves the reviews visible. Not that I make any great-shakes off paperback sales with them, you understand. I sold a copy of “Dream Weaver” last month list price $14.95. My share $0.59! Gotta love it. Yep, if ya don’t it will drive you crazy!

Anyway, I cut ties with Kindle today for various reasons but lately I’ve been having yet another little pricing incident with them. Customer Service has gotten much nicer over the years, that much I can tell you. But they lowered the price of “Rising Son” to $0.99 without telling me where they found it cheaper and then, after assuring me they’d corrected the error and I could republish it with them…it was still $0.99! I complained again and was told they didn’t have a clue as to what was going on but they’d get back to me by Thanksgiving!

THEN I went in to check my meager sales for the month and discovered that someone else had come in and read for free. No, not through the Lending Library, I try to stay out of that. This person purchased, downloaded, read, and then returned nearly all of the stories in the OF WAR Series. I’m sick of that. Knowing what Bezos’ cut is I really just can’t do that anymore. Ebooks should not be returnable. It’s as simple as that.

And…I don’t shop at WalMart.

That just kept going through my head these last few weeks as Amazon was in the news and people defended this greedy bastard because they love his product but don’t understand jackshit about the process the author/publisher goes through to with Bezos to bring them that product. Most of them don’t even seem to understand why they have to pay for an ebook at all…after all they spent money on the Kindle so why do they have to buy the books that are readable through it. (You don’t own a Kindle book, you know that right, you license it from Kindle. Close your Kindle account and lose all your stuff.)

So, after yet another round of Kindle Got It Wrong and I Pay For It, I gathered my convictions and bit the bullet. As a result, you can now purchase signed Kindle editions of the single stories in the OF WAR Series, OBSESSION, and Dream Weaver. The Sister Christian Series will be made available the same way. OR, Kindle lovers, can buy those ebooks through Smashwords where ebooks are not returnable. The books are still available in the World’s Favorite Format just not on the World’s Biggest Rip-Off Site any longer.

Will my sales go down? Maybe. In the end I don’t really care. I’ve made peace with the idea that I’m never going to be a $0.99 Kindle Millionaire or sell enough over there on a regular basis to pay the electric bill. What money is lost was just a bit of extra change anyway. I’d rather lose it than keep whoring myself out for the $0.99 Brigade and bending over for the I’m So Cheap I Read Your Shit Free Brigade. Whatever money comes my way now I’ll be able to keep most of it, I’ll keep all sales through my site and a nice percentage through the others. Yes, I’m still on Nook! iBooks, Kobo. Yep. Still there. No worries.

I get to reclaim that little piece of my soul I was in danger of losing.

That’s nice too.

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