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I finished “GENESIS” a little while ago and put it up for sale. Some of the old “House, MD” fans are actually coming around to take a little peek. God bless ’em! If they buy it I hope they love the re-write. I can’t believe they’re still lurking around that just blows my mind.

So in the midst of baking, polishing, cleaning, setting, and cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner–which was a big hit, by the way, it really was. A wonderful time, a lot of with much food, was had by all.🙂 I decided I was unhappy with the cover so here’s the new one

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What do you think? Yes/no/maybe? I like it better than the original. I suppose Your Mileage May Vary.

I managed to pick up a few nice people who said they would read and review it! Let’s hope they like it.

(Shameless Promotional Pitch Coming!)

From now until December 4, 2014 you can buy an UNsigned paperback on my site for $6.00 + S&H. When they hit Amazon in the near future they will be $9.95 and I still have no plans for releasing ebooks earlier than 1/1/2015 for $2.99–you can pre-order “GENESIS” on Smashwords if you like. There are also no plans to bring the book to Kindle. In fact, if you haven’t gotten in on the OF WAR Series through Kindle just yet you’ll want to pick up OF WAR 1&2 along with OF WAR 4&5 $2.99 each (or equivalent on International Kindle Sites). Regular price is $5.99 each. Save $6.00 on the pair and get the first four novels in the series. You can still get Christmas Eve on Olympus” for $0.99. The first two will disappear from Kindle December 4, 2014. The third may stay…I don’t know yet. Nook Lovers can get OF WAR Complete for $5.99 through December 24, 2014. Regular price $13.99. That download is what it says; the complete series…ALL six stories.

(END Shameless Promotional Pitch!)

Even though I had no idea that I was going to do and then when I got the idea I was totally stumped on how to go about doing it….I made a trailer for “GENESIS”

I hemmed and hawed over but when I finally sat down to it I spent about 3 hours start to finish. I think that’s the fastest any trailer has ever gone for me. I like it, I think it’s fairly decent. Hopefully this will give any prospective reader a good idea of what the story is about and make them want to purchase a copy.

I guess that puts this one to bed cuz we started screwing around with “On a Hot Summer Night” yesterday afternoon😉 It’s, ya know…Easy, Breezy, Hot & Beautiful…Cover Girl🙂 So if we finish it tomorrow, which we probably will, perhaps we’ll throw it out there under my name as Ebony retires and maybe we’ll offer it up as some type of Christmas Special…not that it has anything to do with Christmas. It’s just a Kiss in the Dark, that’s all. After that we’ll dive back in to “Sins of the Father” and see how that comes out. I’m hoping to release it at the end of April or early May next year. I’m going to do it the same way; signed paperback, unsigned paperback, mass market paperback, ebooks–no Kindle.

Now I’m going to relax and call the day a success.

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