Breaking from Kindle

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This may not be a horrible decision on my part.

Yeah, I’m still struggling with it…oh it’s terrible! In my heart I know this is the right move for me but my head keeps saying ‘what about sales? What about visibility?’

What about them?

We’ve already discussed the fact that I don’t make a hell of a lot money through Kindle or Amazon to start with so…what am I really giving up? Feeling like I’m standing in the middle of Central Park waving $20.00 around and shouting out; Hey! Come mug me! Yeah, that’s not much to part with. Feeling like I’m in a small shop peddling my wares at an honest price is something to gain and cherish. It’s better than volunteering to be mugged anyway.

Today I made my first sales of SIGNED Kindle Editions through my site. I did! Someone bought 2 books and I walked away with $7.98. The same sale on Kindle would have netted me about $2.40. If those books were for the low-low price of $0.99 I would have had to sell 23 copies to get the same $7.98. So, insofar as I can see, I’m one up and not one behind. I may not make as many sales as I did on Kindle but they will be quality sales with no Read & Return Policy. I don’t have to be ‘exclusive’ anymore to get the best cut and I don’t have to give up 35% of every sale just to stay the hell out of the Lending Library.

I even went so far as to put the PayPal Buy Links for these editions on the first page of the site. We’ll see if that brings in more sales. I mean, ya know, how many authors do you know out there selling SIGNED (actually HAND SIGNED) ebook editions? And for the same price as Nook, iBooks, Kobo and the others? I don’t know of any. Of course each copy sold it also personalized so should I find it on any pirate site I’ll know exactly who did it.🙂

So, we’ll just keep on going forward down this road to see where it leads. I still have reservations about leaving Kindle, after all it’s sort of like pulling your goods from WalMart…

(Which is exactly why I’m doing it now that I think of it…me…available at WalMart…ick! I need a shower just thinking about it.)

…You’re stuff isn’t as readily available to the hungry cheap skate masses but cultivating a Local or Boutique Clientele can be quite sustaining both financially and spiritually.

I think that’s probably more my style.

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