No Doubt

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Charlie had his first night back at home last night after his 8 month absence. I admit, after I had him here and after I posted yesterday doubt started creeping in the back of my mind. Maybe it’s not Charlie, maybe it’s just another black cat around the same age who happens to be a boy and have dark nails. I thought I’d reserve final judgment until hubby came home and got a good look at him. But before that I watched him with Harry and he growled and hissed a little but Harry ignored him except to give him a dirty look and sniff him once or twice. Two licks on the ear and Harry walked away from him.

Charlie wandered around the house as though he were reorienting himself to it. He ran here and there and under that and over this and skidded off the newspapers on the little bench behind the couch…he always skidded off those. He used the liter box and stunk up the entire house. I remembered blogging/Facebooking once or twice how my new little kitty made a BIG STINK…he farts too, often. So does this one.

I remembered I still had his toys. I put them on the floor in front of him, he sniffed them, then started lovin’ on them.

Hubby came home took one look at him and went; “Holy shit, I think you really ARE Charlie.” Charlie went right to him, no problem, not skittish at all. He sat with us before dinner. He was amazed by the sound of my heels going up and down the stairs…just like always. We split an order of chicken alfredo and Charlie ate from hubby’s hand, chicken and bread. Charlie always did like bread. I have no idea why.

We put a movie in. Charlie ran around and explored eventually he came back to the couch and sprawled out over hubby’s lap to fall asleep. Harry came up to sit on my lap and, little by little, inched closer to Charlie until his paw was on Charlie’s and they were both sleeping happily. We were amazed. I mean, if that’s not Charlie then WTF? Harry puts up a fuss with every cat in the neighborhood and if some stray tried to just worm its way in Harry would definitely have something to say about it. He wouldn’t just lay there pretty-as-you-please purring and snoring next to the intruder. Harry was the clincher in the Is it or Isn’t it Charlie Debate. Missy Kitty won’t come near Charlie she keeps giving him the evil eye and that’s the way new cats behave around each other until they come to an agreement both of them can live under the same roof with. It took Missy nearly four months to warm up to us and about five before she and Harry decided they could lay somewhere near each other–usually on the kitchen table.๐Ÿ™‚

After the movie we went up to bed and after a bit I went downstairs to look for Charlie, I’d been hoping he would come up on his own. I went into the living room and there was Harry sleeping on a blanket. I said; “Where’s Charlie?” Charlie ran out of my office to the sound of his name. I brought him upstairs. He cuddled with us the whole night. He didn’t leave the bed once.

Charlie still likes to play. He likes to play I Got Your Hand…a lot. He’s showing a great interest in his old toys chasing them around the kitchen floor. I tried a couple of times to get him to play fetch I think maybe it will come back to him. He has a big scar across his nose now and a little chunk taken out of his ear. Life on the Street wasn’t always kind to Charlie. He’s got a little PTSD but I think he’ll be alright. He’s in good shape, not skinny, and has what looks like a relatively new flea collar. I believe, at some point after his sudden disappearance, some nice person found him and tried to give him a home. I don’t know how he came to be in the possession of that nice person or how he got to Montauk Ave (not too far from me but not really close enough to have walked there on his own at that young age). I do have my suspicions.

Both of us are just glad–and totally amazed!–that he’s home and that he really is him. What are the odds of that? I never gave up completely. I checked the Animal Control page and Craigslist several times a week looking for him or maybe another pet. I found lots of other pets that I would have liked to have and we even got Missy Kitty but of all the black cats I saw and thought would like to live with us I never went for one of them. I was always waiting for Charlie to come home.

Just on the side and just because this the type of personality I have….the original FB post was made to the Animal Control Page on the anniversary of my mother’s death and today is my anniversary–the day I came home for the first time. I think maybe mom was looking out for me on this one she was a cat lover too.

A friend suggested that this would make a great children’s book and I think she’s right. I think I’ll try my hand at it and see if Cousin would like to take a shot at the illustrations. If he doesn’t I’m kinda sunk…LOL. I don’t know any illustrators. I think I’ll call it Charlie’s Long Road Home. I was thinking of Where’s Charlie but that’s too close to Where’s Waldo and it’s not that type of book.

Welcome Home Charlie. You are NEVER going outside again!๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I am so happy for you and Charlie. Looks like you both got an early present๐Ÿ™‚.

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