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Many things happened between Yule and Christmas and one of them was that our dear old friend Ebony Clarke passed away. Poor thing. She went peacefully and almost happily so let’s wish her well as she journeys to her Great Reward.😉


Has been released to numerous ebook outlets including….I totally hate myself, you have no idea how much…Kindle. In fact the entire OF WAR Series in single ebook form as well as OF WAR Complete has returned to the realm of that greedy bastard Bezos. However…


You have until midnight TOMORROW 12/28/2014 to get “On a Hot Summer Night” or ANY other AVAILABLE E-BOOK FREE–NOT OF WAR Complete, sorry. So if you want one, follow the directions.

Anyway, “On a Hot Summer Night” got its little facelift and I discovered an odd thing; sex makes me blush. How weird is that? I’m 48 years-old and Been There and Done THAT more times than you can shake a stick at, yet now I find writing sex scenes actually makes me blush. I admit to broadening this one and backing off at the same time. How weird is that? Totally strange. Yet…

I SLEPT last night. I mean…I SLEPT. Dreams. Drooling on the pillow. Snoring. The whole 9 yards. It felt sooo good. You have no idea. OK, the fact that hubby bought me new sheets for Christmas may have aided in my new-found sleep🙂 We only had the 1 sheet, after all. Still, I SLEPT. In my dreams I visited Olympus and Father was very glad to see me. Yes, he was.🙂 I was all too happy to see him once again😛

I think maybe now we can get back to Mason and Hannah. We can start gutting what was once “Lean on Me” and will become “Sins of the Father”. I’d forgotten how these two little series went hand-in-hand. I believe they will again. Makes me happy, I always did like “Cold November Rain”. It should be fun to overhaul that one. But, if you’re a Reader keep in mind that while these two series use the character of Richard Mason they are unrelated. Mason & Julie were always the spill-over from what I couldn’t do with Mason & Hannah.

We had a lovely little Christmas and I hope you did too. Nothing big or fancy just a few well thought out gifts and family. The older I get the more I realize there is NOTHING more important than having your family around you. Its everything and more. We had a few gifts and a big meal with some wine lots of good conversation and laughter. What more could anyone possibly ask for?

I hope you’re looking forward to a very Happy 2015!

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