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So, it was Christmas and about that time every year I feel the need to give a little back. I don’t have much and about all I can offer is a few ebooks but its more than some people can manage so, to my way of thinking, I should do that; giveaway a few books. I had my Charlie Came Home Giveaway and I had this giveaway


If you’re actually capable of reading I’d like you to take two seconds and read that graphic for me…please.

Now dozens of people took me up on my offer of a FREE ebook with NO STRINGS attached. I was very happy to oblige them and give them books. That should be the end of it unless someone wants to be kind to me and leave me a nice review, right?


Several people emailed wanting OF WAR Complete…FREE. Once again I’ll direct you to the graphic. What does it say? Does it say OF WAR Complete INCLUDED? No? Oh bummer. I very nicely emailed them back telling them that OF WAR Complete was not part of the giveaway and neither was Sister Christian-GENESIS…please pick another book and I’ll send it right to you.

MOST of them said something like; “Oh sorry, my bad, please send me ________________ in ____________ format and thank you very much! Have a Merry Christmas.”

That’s all fine and dandy. People make mistakes its no big deal. Owning up to them for some people can be a monumental task, I agree. Believe me…I agree! And I thank my lucky stars every single day that I am not one of those poor bastards. However, there were a few people who couldn’t be adults and say ‘oh geez, my mistake, sorry’ and instead they went looking for OF WAR Complete FREE. Yes, they did. I know that because I’m a Cool Rockin’ Mama when it comes to the Internet and trying to keep my books locked down. Hey, I have nothing against free, I love to get something for nothing! So long as it’s being offered to me. I’m not one to go sneaking around and trying to STEAL someone’s stuff.

After being denied they hit this blog and my site and lots of other places looking for THE ENTIRE SERIES…FREE.

Ok, altogether now, what do we say to such people….FUCK YOU…that’s right. Very good boys and girls. You get an A for today.

You have no idea how many times and places I’ve found “The Heart of War” pirated only to find it only goes up to Chapter 24. Oh Happy Day! That means all those fucking (sorry) retards out there who can’t be bothered to pay for something they want and instead feel that they are ‘special’ (short bus, anyone?) and should never have to part with their…hard earned money? It’s hard to say on that one…feel totally entitled to get something for nothing. You have no idea how utterly elated it makes me to find such copies on the Internet. No, you don’t! hahahahahah I leave them. I never bother sending those sites a request to take it down. I feel if you’re that kind of cheap bastard then you should get exactly what you have NOT paid for. And they do. In spades.

Look, I really am ALL FOR Ars Gratia Artis (Art for Art’s Sake) BUT that only really works when there’s a BENEFACTOR involved…a Patron of the Arts. You know, someone who foots the artists BILLS; rent/mortgage, utilities, food, spending cash. As most of us know there are very few Patrons of the Arts left in this world. Very few, too few. Just because someone is an artist or a writer doesn’t mean they’re rich. It doesn’t mean they live free forever and ever and never worry about keeping a roof over their heads, food on the table, or shoes on the feet of their children. Believe me, I wish it did. I do!

So these few people went looking for OF WAR Complete for FREE and couldn’t find it.

Total bummer. Especially considering that I know for an absolute fact that one of them was one of the people who started the whole shit-storm on JournalFen TEN YEARS ago.

THEN, some of them had the balls to come back to me and ask me again! Oh they’re ‘poor’. They’re ‘alone’.

Tough Shit.

If they stopped to think about there’s probably very good reason they’re ‘poor’ and ‘alone’ but, I know, that’s too much to ask of such egocentric pricks.

I replied, as nicely as possible, that OF WAR Complete was not part of the giveaway.

I never heard back from them.

What shocker, huh?

So our next totally FREE giveaway won’t be for another year. No, OF WAR Complete will not be part of it. I’m not GIVING anyone other than friends and family the ENTIRE SERIES FREE. I worked my ass off on it cover to cover and more than anyone (but those who read here) can possibly imagine. I’m NOT going to just GIVE it to anyone who comes to me with their hand out. I have bills too.

Whenever those cheap bastards are willing to step up and pay my mortgage ($1,000/month) they can have it for nothing. Until then its $9.99 on Nook, Kindle (no, not in the lending library or ‘read free’ through prime), and my site. Cough it up, honey. If you can’t pay then you certainly have no play. I have no doubt whatsoever that, should I decide to GIVE it to such a person, it would only end up on a pirate site. I found that to be true when I gave away the Anthology which is why its no longer available.

So to all you cheap bastards and pirate site users; fuck the hell off. You’re no one and you’ll never be anything but a whiny cheap little bitch.

That’s my rant for today. Thanks so much for listening.

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  1. You go girlfriend! Sorry I haven’t reviewed On a Hot Summer Night yet… After working it off 😜 I was behind on housework! Lol. You know I thoroughly enjoyed it! 5 stars!

    I may not “know” for fact how hard you work at writing but I know I could never write like you do! I can say that I enjoy reading your books and don’t mind paying for them-hell, I’d pay more than you ask. And I think I’m a cheap bastard! Don’t let the morons get you down 😃

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