Starting the Year Off Right

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I closed out 2014 by publishing “On a Hot Summer Night” and opened 2015 by publishing “Sister Christian-GENESIS”, not bad, hey? Then I went on to finish the first go-over of


Yes, including giving the cover a nice little makeover…how do you like it?

We made some very crucial changes to the story and I do hope that anyone who read the original will like what we’ve done with it. We didn’t stray very far from the original but we did make a few upgrades๐Ÿ™‚

With any luck either this coming weekend or the one after I’ll be putting out the call for Beta Readers and then we’ll be on to the remake of “Cold November Rain”. Yes, we’re going to do these two little series the way they were first one flip-flopping back and forth between them. We could have two new books coming out in March or April depending on how fast CNR goes.

GENESIS has already garnered THREE 5 Star reviews…not too shabby. I don’t expect it to sell very well and I’m not doing much, if any, promo on these. I think that’s freed me up from a lot of the pressure I’d been feeling since pushing through the last half of KoW. It’s nice to fly around in The Zone just to have fun and to zip here and there wherever we want. Besides, it’s a hard sell like the OF WAR Series but for different reasons here there’s nothing but a good story. No alpha males (well, I suppose Mason counts but not in the traditional manner), no Gods/werewolves/shifters/vampires and no really hot sex. Just an old-fashioned story.

I suppose if I got out there and put a big push behind The Doc Series it might sell fairly well, mainstream sex always does. Maybe when it’s finished although I think we may leave “Regret Me Not” out of the series even though it’s the hottest one of the bunch. We’ll see how it goes and what’s going on with Sister Christian when we there. In the meantime, we’re just going to have some fun and screw the rest of it.

To that end, Hubby and I went to Olive Garden last night (if you haven’t had the garlic rosemary chicken you should try it, very tasty!) and then went to FYE for movies but the selection was poor. I thought we’d get “The Equalizer” but they didn’t have it. We walked out of there with two $10.00 movies (“Hercules” and “Expendables” the original to add to the collection) and “X-Men Days of Future Past”. I hemmed and hawed over “Hercules” even at $10.00. I mean all of the Greek Mythology based movies of the last twenty years have done nothing but disappoint me. They either turn the Gods into stick figures or ignore them completely. I hate the latter the most. OK, there was “Troy”๐Ÿ™‚ While it too ignored the Gods Brad Pitt does so nicely make up for that in his barely-there attire. YUMMY.

But I love Rocky….Dwayne Johnson…I do, I always have even way back in his WWF days. I have a story to tell here but I don’t want to come off sounding like a racist so I’ll just leave it out. Suffice it to say that I never noticed he wasn’t white. Someone had to tell me. No, I’m not colorblind. I thought he was Italian…the WWF always always introduced as him being ‘From Miami, Florida’ so I thought he had a great tan. Is that racist? I don’t know. But the person who told me The Rock was black and Samoan sure thought it was hoot.๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, we brought the movies home, crawled into bed with big cups of coffee, he popped in “Hercules” I prepared to be simultaneously bored and pissed off but…I love it. It’s a really good movie. Rocky makes a good Hercules. My only big sticking point with the film is them turning Herc into a mercenary who wasn’t the Son of Zeus after all. Yes, they talked about his 12 Labors but they weren’t set forth by Hera he was just paid to go after those monsters. Weird. I don’t know why Hollywood ignores the Old Gods, are they afraid of upsetting the Christians? Do they think we can’t handle the idea of more than one God? It baffles me. But, ya know, for $10.00 it really can’t be beat. We’ll be watching it a few dozen more times over the coming years. Aunty Moon gives it a solid ‘B’. (Points deducted for ignoring the Gods)

Then we popped in “Days of Future Past”. If you’re an X-Men fan this is a good flick. If this is the last movie in the series then it’s an awesome flick! I hated “Last Stand” so this sort of gives the HEA I’d been looking for out of the whole thing. I really really like Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. She’s very good. Another solid ‘B’ bordering on an ‘A-‘.

Now we must get back to Hannah and Mason to finish this up and make a few last tweaks before we run the dreaded spell/grammar check. So boring. So necessary. LOL

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